Apple Cupertino Mothership vs. Pentagon, Size Comparison

Friday, June 10, 2011
By OP Editor

Size comparison of Pentagon, world’s largest office building by floor area versus Apple’s proposed Cupertino campus spaceship building.

Apple Cupertino Campus Mothership Plan vs. Pentagon

Apple Cupertino Mothership vs. Pentagon

Apple mothership building, which is seeing green light from Cupertino mayor & council:

4 floors above ground, underground parking
13,000 employees
World’s largest spaceship shaped building

7 floors (5 above ground, 2 underground)
26,000 employees (23,000 + 3,000 support personnel)
World’s largest office building by floor area

By putting both buildings on same scale, it’s easy to see the size differences:

  • The proposed Apple new campus building width is slightly larger than the Pentagon.
  • Apple building is up to twice as wide as each of Pentagon’s five ring corridors.
  • Maybe there’s room for another ring (um infinite loop) inside the loop if constructed similar to the Pentagon?

Any other thoughts?

Update: Wondering how long it will take to travel it?
Read: Apple campus size + travel time + analysis

Illustration by ObamaPacman. Inspired by this article.


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