Apple Cupertino Headquarters: Secret Design Plan Revealed

Monday, June 13, 2011
By OP Editor

Infographics: Apple Cupertino Campus plan, cartoon humor.

Apple Headquarters Funny Secret Design Plan

Wow, particle accelerator, missile silo, rooftop Segway racing track, and a Stargate. The new Apple Cupertino headquarter is going to be awesome! Even features:

“Colosseum-like seats for crowds to watch feeding of Flash developers to the lions.”

Furthermore, the Apple mothership will include Cheerios breakfast cafe, Lifesavers candy shop, Onion ring stand, Bagel shop, and Donut shop. Yum.



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2 Responses to “Apple Cupertino Headquarters: Secret Design Plan Revealed”

  1. Don

    I’ve always loved Joy of Tech and this sample is just another example of why I do.


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