Apple 2007 Multi-touch Browser Patent 7,966,578 Explained: Video

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
By OP Editor

Apple recently won number of patents for the original iPhone interface, including a controversial multi-touch patent which some though is overly broad.

Apple iPhone Browser Multi-touch USPTO Patent 7966578

Video: Apple Multi-touch Patent 7,966,578

Apple haters on the new multi-touch patent from 2007 that is awarded 3+ years later to the Cupertino company:

“Cupertino will be able to sue every other phone manufacturer out of business, or at least out of the business of making multitouch devices.”

This is my next explains why USPTO Patent 7,966,578 (patentlyapple’s take) isn’t overly broad. It’s one part of technology that makes the Apple iPhone intuitive to use, but doesn’t cover all touchscreen phones.



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2 Responses to “Apple 2007 Multi-touch Browser Patent 7,966,578 Explained: Video”

  1. Don

    Personally, I think this guy doesn’t know what-in-hell he’s talking about! I’m not a patent lawyer, but neither is this guy. I’ve read from a lot of patent lawyers who DO say that this is a broad patent, I mean, after all, before the iPhone there were NO multi-touch products period in the market place and since Steve said, “boy, have we patent it!”, I don’t think they left anything out including building the world’s first multi-touh screens!


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