Real Life Exploding Angry Birds Game

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
By OP Editor

Pigs explode on the largest set of real life Angry Birds game ever built.

Rea Life Angry Birds Game

Video: Real Life Exploding Angry Birds Game

The enormous Angry Birds game is a promo event by Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile Europe), which took place at Pla├ža Nova de Terrassa.

Why did a guy on a crane launched the angry birds? Apparently they can’t seem to aim the non-weighted projectiles (or maybe this is a practice run?):

Catapult Birdapult, you are doing it wrong. Mission failed.

To get the physics and slingshot right, this event should consult the makers of playable Angry Birds cake and real life Angry Birds game. Or perhaps bring out the Mythbusters.

YouTube video 1 & video 2


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2 Responses to “Real Life Exploding Angry Birds Game”

  1. Don

    I could never really see what others saw in Angry Brds, but having now tried to the game myself I must say it is indeed addicting, so no wonder it’s now seemingly everywhere.


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