Peter Lindbergh’s Engraved Mac From Puff Daddy

Sunday, May 15, 2011
By OP Editor

Engraved Apple computer owned by German fashion photographer and filmmaker Peter Lindbergh.

Peter Lindbergh Mac

Artist: Jona Cerwinske. Commissioned by Puff Daddy (Sean Combs). The story is that the engraved unibody MacBook Pro was a gift to Peter Lindbergh, from P. Diddy.

Engraved MacBook Pro

No word on whether it comes with an engraved iPhone. Quick, someone get him an Obama Pacman sticker.

Cindy Crawford Nude, by Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh is the photographer of a famous Cindy Crawford photo shoot. (See below).

Here’s Life’s photo of photographer Lindbergh on location with Sean P Diddy Combs and Penelope Cruz at New York SoHO:

Sean P Diddy Combs, Penelope Cruz, photographer Peter Lindbergh

[via garancedore]


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2 Responses to “Peter Lindbergh’s Engraved Mac From Puff Daddy”

  1. Don

    I wish ‘Daddy’ would buy me a MacBook Pro too, but I hate the engraving as it blemish’s the MacBook’s overall simplistic design, the best in the business if you ask me.


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