Mac Artist: Obama Signature is Cartoon Baby Dino!

Saturday, May 28, 2011
By OP Editor

Art inspired by signature of United States President Barack Obama, dawn by Mac artist.

Barack Obama Signature as Baby Dinosaur

Barack Obama Signature Baby Dinosaur

POTUS Barack Obama: Mac user and White House iPad man. His signature is totally a cartoon baby dinosaur!

Created by Robert (Kaiser-Machead) Alicea, Mac guy who also drew OS X Lion on Mac.

Mac OS X Lion on Mac

See more, including “I Like Turtles” and drawings of land shark at:

[doodleofboredom and @KaiserMachead]


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4 Responses to “Mac Artist: Obama Signature is Cartoon Baby Dino!”

  1. Don

    Nifty, I never would have known! :o)

  2. “lion on a mac” begs to be made into a cartoon of a lion sitting on top of a mac. Possibly even a planking lion. Probably a solid metal Mac pro tower for stability.


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