Lion Changes Laptop External Display Clamshell Mode

Monday, May 2, 2011
By OP Editor

Upcoming OS X Lion has improved laptop external display clamshell mode. Video.

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Video: Lion Changes Laptop External Display Clamshell Mode

Current Mac laptops shut down when lid is closed. Makes sense. But to use it in clamshell mode, you need to wake it up again using a keyboard or mouse.

Mac OS X Lion will now switch the main display over to external monitor if you close the laptop screen. It is said that automatic switching works only when magsafe power adapter is connected, so you find the battery drained while on battery.

Seems like a good way to do it.

From Portal 2 loving @TehBeej via 9to5


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4 Responses to “Lion Changes Laptop External Display Clamshell Mode”

  1. Ovate

    I find this to be a problem. With Leopard, to use the external monitor as the main display you had to put the mac to sleep by closing the li and with the power adapter on and then waken it with an external keyboard. Because of the problems that most people seem to encounter with wifi in clamshell mode, it was then necessary to open the macbook again. This was possible as the external monitor would remain as the main display.

    Problem: with Lion, when you close the macbook, the display automatically changes over to the external display. This is nice, however, the wifi problem has not been fixed, so if you wish to then get the wifi up to speed again and open the laptop, the display is automatically changed back to the laptop. THere is no way to prevent this, so it seems. So although the switching process is better, the wifi situation has just got worse!!

    • Hi Ovate,

      Sorry to hear about the problem. You might want to submit it to:

      I don’t recall any clamshell wifi problems with even a 2007 MBP though. Perhaps it’s interference problem from other wifi stations in your area.

      Use a widget to see what channels wifi are using near you, and use either 1, 6, or 11, whichever that is used the least by others.

    • Ovate

      Hi, I had already sent feedback to Apple. The clamshell Wifi problem is fairly well reported. If you go on to the Apple forums you will find a good number of messages about it. Infact quite a number of people have posted message regarding the situation with LION and clamshell wifi.

      In clamshell mode my wifi signal goes done to beween 500 and 1MBps, when the lid is opened it goes up to around 10Mbps. No problems with the Wifi signal, it seems to be a design problem with the hardware.


  2. Ovate

    re related posts on the Apple Support Community:


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