iPad / iPad 2 Floor Stand: Perfect for ???

Sunday, May 29, 2011
By OP Editor

Who would buy a floor stand for their iPad or iPad 2? Secret revealed.

iPad 2 Floor Stand FaceTime SexyTime

Why would anyone used a stand to “read” in bed when the iPad is so light to hold by hand? Perhaps the stand can better be used for public speech, band performance, or accessibility device that can bend depend on user’s height?

Macenstein noticed that this iPad 2 floor stand is “designed for one purpose and one purpose only.”

“You are a woman (who likely resembles the woman pictured here, but with far less clothes) who needs to hold her iPad 2 steady while performing some beautiful, sensual, tantalizing act via FaceTime.”

As for man, replace beautiful Facetime SexyTime with “unmentionable act.”

USB Fever is selling the “Heavy Duty Floor Stand for iPad 1 & 2 / Table PC / Pad Computers” for $180.


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3 Responses to “iPad / iPad 2 Floor Stand: Perfect for ???”

  1. Adrian

    This is not the best iPad floor stand on the market

    • tunufun

      why is it not the best floor stand? Have you found something better? If so, what make & model?

    • RAT Stands have a telescopic stem combined with a joint allows you to postion your iPad to any angle. The stand is fitted with a cradle customised for the iPad, ensuring the tablet is completely secure and can be inserted or removed with ease.

      So give your ipad a new lease of life with a Z3 stand.


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