iPad 2 China Launch, Beijing Apple Store Sanlitun Line Photos

Friday, May 6, 2011
By OP Editor

Apple launched iPad 2 in China today to huge demand and long lines, sold out in 4 hours.

Beijing Apple Store Sanlitun iPad 2 Launch

iPad 2 Launch Line, Beijing Apple Store Sanlitun

Photos by micgadget from Beijing Sanlitun Apple Store this morning. Hundreds of customers and scalpers were in iPad 2 line, and all inventory sold out in 4 hours.

iPad 2 16GB is available at 3688 yuan ($568), 32 GB models at 4,488 yuan ($691), and 64 GB models at 5,288 yuan ($814). Only WiFi version available. No 3G.

Chinese iPad 2 Scalpers, Beijing Apple Store

iPad 2 scalpers are carries stacks of cash.

iPad 2 Scalpers Beijing Apple Store Sanlitun

Chinese scalper with a stack of iPad 2.

iPad 2 Chinese scalper Beijing Apple Store

Some of the buyers are scalpers, who are selling the iPad for 200-400 yuan ($30-60) more. There’s a sign that says the Apple Store area is a no scalping zone, so the scalpers gather behind the sign.

Online China Apple Store Sold Out of iPad 2

iPad 2 sold out Apple Store Online China

There is high demand for Apple products and Apple must be having very high demand in China too. The online Apple Store also offered the iPad 2 originally with shipping estimate of 1-2 week, but it has stopped taking orders after inventory was sold out.


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One Response to “iPad 2 China Launch, Beijing Apple Store Sanlitun Line Photos”

  1. The no-scalping sign needs to be made into a T-shirt. Preferably from bootleg Apple store employee shirt fabric.


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