iOS Doomed: Fake BlackBerry Software ‘Catches Up’ with Cut the Rope

Monday, May 16, 2011
By OP Editor

Research in Motion (RIM) approves blatant Blackberry counterfeit of Apple iOS Cut the Rope game. To play the game, cut the pixelated blue line.

BlackBerry Cut the Cable Game

BlackBerry App World recently approved “Cut the Cable” (not ‘rope’) game from Aztux Ltd. The copyfrog game consists of a green frog, ship steering wheels, candy, stars, and cable.

But haven’t we seen it somewhere before? Oh that’s right, the physics puzzle ‘Cut the Rope‘ was developed by ZeptoLab and published by Chillingo for Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in 2010:

Cut the Rope fake BlackBerry Game

BlackBerry users should be sad that they have to pay $4 for a horrible version of a game when the original iPhone version of Cut the Rope is $1. Even the DIY Cut the Rope game looks much better than the BlackBerry version.

Oh, and since BlackBerry phone software is incompatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, don’t expect to see this on the play thing toy anytime soon.

How Not to Promote Blackberry Knockoff Software

The clueless BlackBerry developer also reviewed his own software and used a similar account name to promote it. He also forgot to change the text “green monster” to “frog”.

Cut the Cable BlackBerry App World Fake Review

V1.0.1 of Cut the Cable was approved on May 6. The developer himself, with little effort to conceal his identity, used the screen name drdevil2 to write a fake review that same day on BlackBerry App World and even congratulated himself:

“Just as fun as the iphone version thanks for bringing it to blackberry!” – drdevil2

The developer is not the brightest bulb in the room. Using the same user name to review your own software? Fail. He also forgot to change the text copy of “green monster” to frog.

Fake Cut the Rope blackberry game crackberry promo

On May 7, its shameless developer, cleverly tried to conceal his identity using the handle drdevil44 on crackberry forums:

Title: Cut the Rope for BlackBerry!!

The hugely popular game from iPhone has finally come to BlackBerry!

Search for Cut the Cable on App world or go to Aztux Ltd – BlackBerry applications

CrackBerry Features Cut the Cable BlackBerry Game

Apparently blackberry sites believe the sub-par knockoff is worthy of BlackBerry users. Two days later, on May 9, CrackBerry (not related to RIM) features the horrible knockoff on its home page.

The writer also used “green monster” instead of the replacement frog.

Feedback from many BlackBerry users are overwhelmingly negative. Marc_Paradise wrote: “It doesn’t help BlackBerry that the majority of the applications are very poor visually; and far too many are simple generic J2ME apps with a little window dressing.”

Shimojunk wrote:

“Cut the Rope for iPhone is fun and a well designed game for the iPhone and pretty addicting. This looks like it was made with MS Paint and very laughable. If someone busted out with this on their blackberry, I would be LMFAO ROTFFL and then show them the iPhone version.

Instead of developing a half-arse game on a half-arse platform, cut the rope from the blackberry platform and stick to iOS and Droid.”

The Real ‘Cut the Rope’

You can buy the real Cut the Rope for iPhone and iPod touch [App Store] for $0.99 and iPad [App Store] for $1.99.


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4 Responses to “iOS Doomed: Fake BlackBerry Software ‘Catches Up’ with Cut the Rope”

  1. Don

    I see a lawsuit in the future.

  2. Mark Taylor

    I see a lawsuit against Obama pacman for libel and copyright infringement. They both seem a pretty sure bet.


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