Humor: Steve Ballmer vs. Spider, “Do the Math” Spoof

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
By OP Editor

Spoof of Microsoft’s misleading “Do the Math” advertising campaign. Comparing Steve Ballmer vs. spider.

Do the Math: Steve Ballmer vs. Spider

Here’s an example of arbitrary comparison between Microsoft CEO Steve Baloney Ballmer versus a spider.

Steve Ballmer vs. Spider, Microsoft Do the Math

Paradise Pete commented on an article on Microsoft’s misleading “Do the Math” advertising campaign:

With a careful selection or omission of features and facts it’s easy to make one thing look better than another. For example:

Steve Ballmer vs. a spider

Legs: 2, 8
Hair: No*, Yes

*Sold separately

Early grasp of the significance of the web:
No, Yes

By using Microsoft math, spider beats Ballmer.

Illustration by ObamaPacman. Spider at night photo: shot with iPhone 4, hand held. Ambient street light, no flash.


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