Ghetto iPad 2, ‘Note Slate’ Tablet, Comes with Stylus

Thursday, May 5, 2011
By OP Editor

Meet Note Slate, it’s no iPad 2. It’s a tablet with stylus and black and white display, just like the 90’s Apple Newton.

Note Slate Tablet

Ghetto iPad 2, ‘Note Slate’ Tablet w/ Stylus

It might not bring you back to the iPad future, but definitely bring you back to the 90’s.

The Note Slate tablet has no email, no web browser, no games, no Maps, no videos, no Garageband or iMovie. It is just a big drawing pad aiming to recreate pencil and paper. It does have a stylus you can draw with, the other end of the stylus serves as an eraser.

Note Slate comes with only one-color E-ink (red, green, blue, or black), just like one color pen + paper. At least its maker owns up to it.: “Real size display in 1-bit ancient interface.” There is no anti-aliasing in the pixel based display, where 1mm = 4 pixels.

iPad 2 with high quality IPS display is still manages to be slightly thinner. The Note Slate 1 color e-ink display is larger though, at 190mm x 270mm, larger than iPad’s EXTERIOR dimension of 185mm x 241mm.

Note Slate has 3 physical dedicated buttons are: Save, Show, and Delete. Don’t press the delete by mistake!

Note Slate PR FAIL: “Human Touch” with Stylus

Irony: “Authentic digital content simply with human touch.” Obviously they didn’t realize a stylus isn’t “human touch.” A finger is human touch.

Note Slate Digital Content, Human Touch FAIL

You can save $400 on the price of iPad 2 and get this $99 “tablet.” (WiFi version costs more). But you can also get pencil and paper for a few dollars to do the same thing.

Conclusion, Note Slate is an interesting product, it’s not an oversized phone, but seems to be the most expensive under-sized chalk blackboard ever! =p

noteslate via albotas


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4 Responses to “Ghetto iPad 2, ‘Note Slate’ Tablet, Comes with Stylus”

  1. z

    Yeah, but how many chalk boards let you save your notes to a CF card?
    And how many chalkboards have a built in mp3 player?
    I’d argue that a stylus adds more of a human touch than an actual finger. Who finger paints anything these days anyways?

  2. Jonas

    To OP Editor: This is not an iPad and it doesn’t try to be one either. I think this product is really cool and I will definitely get one they start to sell it and if it has a good eBook reader. It seems like you have totally missed the point of this device.


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