Darth Vader + Mac DJ Performs Trombone Salsa Dance

Saturday, May 21, 2011
By OP Editor

Another sign of the apocalypse. Darth Vader, Star War’s Sith Salsa Lord, performs for your entertainment!

Darth Vader Salsa Trombone with Mac DJ

Video: Dancing Darth Vader Salsa Trombone

Song consists of very short snippets of all popular salsa and latin music, including the The Imperial March:

“Dancing Trombonist Jonathan Arons performing Darth Vega Salsa routine at Andrew Jackson Senior Center in Bronx, NY”

We would love to see this at the Star Wars “It’s a Frap” cafe. Surely beats the Microsoft fat Vader + Windows Zombies or the Samsung stalker ad.

Best comment? Youtube user Xilvertear on the video: “Rapture be dammed. Now I have officially seen everything.”

[Jonathan Arons via geekologie]


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