Benchmark: Dell XPS 15z Mac Knockoff Dominated by Apple MacBook Pro

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
By OP Editor

Mac vs. PC. How does the Dell’s MacBook Pro knockoff compares to the Apple laptop in benchmark and usability?

Triple Benchmark: Dell XPS 15z vs. Apple MacBook Pro

Dell XPS 15z Benchmark vs. Mac

Apple’s February 2011 MacBook Pro out-performs the Dell XPS 15z in Engadget’s PCMarkVantage, 3DMark06, and battery life benchmarks.

PCMarkVantage shows the 3 month old Mac is still faster than the latest PC laptop:

  • MacBook Pro: 8,041
  • Dell XPS M15z: 8,023

3DMark 06 shows the Mac comes with superior GPU (better for 3D tasks / games):

  • MacBook Pro: 10,262
  • Dell XPS M15z: 7,317

In their test, Apple laptop has about 7.5 hours of battery life, easily dominating the Dell PC which has 4.5 hours of battery life. And that’s with the Dell having a slower processor: Dell only comes with Duo core processor, while the Apple MacBook Pro has the latest i7 quad core processor and better GPU.

Dell XPS 15z Review

Review? Dell blatantly copies MacBook Pro, but produces another low quality computer with the XPS 15z:

“Though the XPS 15z most definitely looks like a MacBook Pro and sports similar materials, you’ll wind up disappointed if you’re expecting the same exacting attention to detail. You’re looking at an aluminum and magnesium alloy sandwich here, not a unibody frame, and much of that metal is thin enough to flex under a little bit of pressure.”

Dell XPS 15z Mac Knockoff

Similar to other superficial knockoffs, Dell tries to copy the look but not the function of the real Apple product. The Dell PC also does not have Apple Magsafe or Kensington lock slot, standard on MacBook Pro.

Dell XPS 15z tested costs $1499. And that still does not include Windows Professional ($ more) or Windows Ultimate ($$ more). Instead, it comes with feature crippled Windows home.



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32 Responses to “Benchmark: Dell XPS 15z Mac Knockoff Dominated by Apple MacBook Pro”

  1. Don

    Very interesting post, especially considering, as I noted in my own little blog, how Apple’s recently sweep Consumer Report’s recent top laptop rankings.

  2. Jeff

    Hey did you manage to point out that the 525m is much weaker than the 6750m and that the specific macbook you have is over 2 grand whereas the dell isn’t even close to 2 grand? Why don’t you compare a 2 grand alienware to a 2 grand P.O.S macbook and see how the scores on the alienware completely dominate the scores on the mac? you mac lovers only have 1 thing on us windows lovers, and that’s startup time, which is only quicker on os x because os x is a unix based shitty ass operating system that could be run on a shitty pc from 2003.

  3. xq10xa

    would still take the Dell.
    And that is true. they are not even in the same price range.

    • They are not even in the quality range either.

      Those who want a cheap POS can stick with their Dells. We got no problem with that.

  4. Fashionelsa

    Didnt you notice that Dell only had just been configutated with 2630M vs MBP 2630QM? Did they have the same RAM memory when tested? You cant compare otherwise. Put the full congigure Dell 15z and ít outshines MBP totally! Facts, plain facts.

    • Not sure what you are smoking but the benchmark is of the high end Dell 15z. It does not outshine the MBP, unless you are blind to the truth.

    • joshua lackey

      benchmark means nothing dude, I have both computers in my home right this second, both with turbo boost, both hit 3.4Ghz, and my cousins 3,400 dollar mac can’t even play Crysis highest settings, my Dell knockoff can. Seriously stop trying to fool people if you don’t know what your talking about, everyone knows i7 new macs don’t play as well as i7 non-macs.

    • @joshua lackey, Yes of course. It doesn’t include Apple exclusive technology such as MagSafe or time savings due to design for ease of use, or non-annoying factors of Apple Mac OS X.

      Seems that you never heard of BootCamp before. Guess what? It can turn a Mac into Windows machine. Seriously trying to fool people if you don’t know what you are talking about.

  5. Fashionelsa

    Meant of course 2620M vs 2720QM (there is a model 2630QM also but that was not the case now but you get my reasoning i think)
    Also Radeon has more power than 525 so it was a really unworthy compare. I think the made a better version of X15 to phase it out and if anything will level with the sleekness of MBP its the amazing stylish ultrathin Samsung 900X3A.

    • Of course, any future computer can possibly beat a current computer if you give it enough time. The 15z line is just launched, so don’t expect a refresh anytime soon.

      Btw, the Samsung 900X3A is close to $2000.

      MacBook Air is at the end of its cycle. The next generation Apple MacBook Air is expected to have the same or better processors, starting at $1000.

  6. feahl

    Hey I hate it but every comparison like this is totally unfair for Dell. Just use the price difference to upgrade a Dell and it will beat Mac way down in everything except for the battery duration

    • I hate to say it but you are “a bit” off. The benchmark IS of the upgraded Dell XPS 15z. You can’t upgrade it any further with wishful thinking.

    • feahl

      then would you mind including the price to see how your mac “beat” the Dell?

      At a same price, you can always build a Dell far superior in performance to a Mac(either Desktop or Laptop) for sure.

    • Sure. When Dell adds magsafe, long battery life, thunderbolt, firewire 800, useable multitouch trackpad, etc.

    • feahl

      Some Dell laptops have IEEE 1394 port. Dell has usable multitouch (or if you think it is not usable, I’ll add a Razer mouse for you, Mac is way too overpriced anyway). Magsafe sucks, my friends bought it twice, broken twice, though I don’t get the point here, buying a Dell that has to use magsafe… And if talking about that, would you mind giving me a HDMI then?

      And let’s put the two laptops into running anything that may involve “real” work such as processing large blocks of programming codes and see which is better.

    • Dell XPS 15z does not contain firewire.

      Apple computers can output to HDMI with a simple adapter. I got one for $7.

      In terms of “power.” Guess what? Facebook and many top tech companies today are founded on a Mac:

    • feahl

      I didn’t say 15z has firewire, it is a new line so it has not had it. I just said given an amount, Dell will surely beat a Mac.

      Facebook founder uses a Mac doesn’t prove anything. First of all it’s a website which has nothing to do with powerful machine to design; second, it’s his roommate who conceived the idea. Just code (if you know how to program, no offense) anything that require O(n^3) and put n=1000, 10000… and see if your Macbook pro can beat a Dell at the same price.

    • In case you are too blind with microsheep rage, this article is about the 15z.

  7. A Faf

    Cool… Its funny, how riled up people get over a fabricated allegiance to one brand or another. I’m sure both Dell and Apple are happy to take your money.
    Anyhow, nice comparison- I think I might personally go for the Xps because I’m taking it off to school next year and I don’t want to have to worry about the price margin if it gets stolen or beat up from the frequent commutes.

  8. kristmace

    $2k MacPro beats $1500 Dell in ancient PCMark by 0.2%

    And you think this is a big plus for Apple?

    Good one.

    • Dell: 7317
      Mac: 10262

      Surely that’s 0.2%

      Good one.

    • kristmace

      Did I say 3DMark? Do you know what the difference is?

      No one is trying to argue that the Dell is outright better than MBP, but at $800 cheaper (it’s reduced to $1200 now) I think I can live without Magsafe, Firewire and Thunderbolt.

    • So you are admitting that a cheap knockoff isn’t as powerful as the real thing?
      Enjoy your inexplicable but certain Windows slow down in a few months.

  9. wo

    You guy should also include the 2011 Envy 17 3D in there as everyone seems to think it’s also a dead ripoff of the MBP. the one with 6850 radeon GPU.

    The battery is pretty crap on it 3+ hours… buuutttt….


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