Apple iPad 2 TV Ad: “If You Asked,” We’re Just Getting Started

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
By OP Editor

Another iPad 2 ad from Apple, describing in 30 seconds the great responses to Apple’s tablet.

iPad 2 TV Ad, If You Asked

Video: Apple iPad 2 TV Ad, “If You Asked”

Apple, in the same tone as the “We Believe” ad:

“iPad is being used in amazing ways by everyone from teachers to CEOs. And it’s just getting started.”

The iPad 2 TV ad:

“If you ask a parent, they might call it intuitive. If you ask a musician, they might call it inspiring. To a doctor, it’s groundbreaking. To a CEO, it’s powerful. To a teacher, it’s the future. If you ask a child, she might call it magic. And if you asked us, we’d say it’s just getting started.”

Amazing. As usual, Apple demos with real apps from The App Store:

  • Pages [App Store]
  • Garageband [App Store]
  • Ultrasound medical app ???
  • Business app, sales analysis ???
  • Safari
  • Alice [App Store]
  • Facetime

Apple iPad just got started one year ago, and has already changed the computer and tablet industry. We can’t wait for the iPad future.


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