White iPhone 4 Prototype Hit eBay for $2000

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
By OP Editor

Soon to be removed from eBay, a white iPhone 4 prototype from a San Jose seller.

White iPhone 4 Prototype XXGB

White iPhone 4

eBay auction text for “Collectible White iphone 4 (Executive Version) Prototyp” (yes, typo)

Hello! I Have a mint condition Executive iPhone 4 that has not been introduced to the public. The phone has no Serial number written on the back. It shows XXGB and Serial Number shows XXXXXXXXXXXX. You have to go through the settings in order to view the SN. The number shown in the display says 8801401JFRY (I believe that the phone belongs to an Apple Developer by the name of Jeffrey).

Newest leaked white iPhone 4 prototype:

  • Old style ambient light sensor, not the new white iPhone 4 style
  • DF3039 engraved marking
  • 995-6364LL model number
  • Back marked with XXGB, XX serial
  • 16GB size
  • Display seems to be still covered in protective film

Condition: new, unused, with no sign of wear. Currently 1 bid at $2000 (by a 0 history newbie). Thankfully it comes with “FREE Economy Shipping.”

Odd things:

  • Two identical images are posted in the auction with different numbers (IMG-1922.jpg and IMG-3555.jpg)
  • Screenshot shows iOS 4.3.1. Many leaked prototype are not updated.

The question is, is it found in a bar?

eBay auction item 110675987687 via 9to5

Don’t want to wait? Got a black iPhone 4? You can order DIY White iPhone 4 kit for under $20.


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2 Responses to “White iPhone 4 Prototype Hit eBay for $2000”

  1. Don

    As cool as having this goes, I rather take that $2,000 and buy the upcoming ‘ThunderBolt’ iMac come next week (I hope?)!


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