White iPhone 4 64GB Prototype (iPhone 5 Preview)

Thursday, April 21, 2011
By OP Editor

Prototype 64GB white iPhone 4 with beta iOS 4 has Mac OS X Expose, could be the new iOS 5.

iOS 5 Prototype Expose for iPhone 4S

Video: 64GB White iPhone 5

Although this is a white iPhone 4 prototype with 2010 dotted proximity sensor, its software and hardware could be a glimpse of the new 2011 iPhone 4Gs or iPhone 5 with iOS 5.

The iPhone prototype shows:

  • XXGB (64GB storage in iPhone stats!)
  • Dotted proximity sensor (old white iPhone 4 design)
  • Mac OS X Expose mode, which shows multiple application windows instead of just a list of Apps in multitasking mode
  • Different folder mode, with an overlay
  • Various prototype test mode settings

What does it mean? If Apple was testing a iPhone 4 with that much storage, iPhone 5 should see 64GB! We can’t wait for the iPhone 5 September release.

[video 1, video 2]

PS: convert your black iPhone 4 into white iPhone 4 with our DIY white iPhone 4 skin kit.


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