Verizon: All Phones Track Locations, Adding Warning Label

Friday, April 29, 2011
By OP Editor

Verizon Wireless putting location tracking warning label on EVERY new device.

Verizon Phone Location Tracking Warning Label

Verizon Phone Location Tracking Warning Label

Due to recent TrackerGate witch hunt, Verzion is adding an ominous warning label:

“Remove before use

This device is capable of determining its (and your) physical, geographical location and can associate this location data with other customer information. To limit access to location information by others, refer to the User Guide for Location settings and be cautious when downloading, accessing or using applications and services.”

All devices including iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone, and Android will get the warning label.

This week Apple already explained the anonymous nature of how consolidated.db works, with:
Apple Q&A on iPhone Location Cache TrackerGate

via engadget


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