Spike Lee Photographs President Obama with iPad 2

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
By OP Editor

Film director Spike Lee uses his 3G iPad 2 to photograph / film President Barack Obama.

Spike Lee Barack Obama iPad 2 Photo

Spike Lee Barack Obama iPad 2 Photo

Mac and iPad 2 user US President Barack Obama goes behind the iPad 2 camera.

Is Spike Lee conducting iPad 2 video test, making Picasso with iPad 2’s built in Photo Booth effects, or making a new movie? We may never know.

Captured on Official White House photo


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4 Responses to “Spike Lee Photographs President Obama with iPad 2”

  1. His aim looks a little off though, from the perspective of the photo it seems as if he is taking a photo for Obama’s tie

  2. Don

    This photo only shows ONE iPad, but the best part is that it shows NO Android tablets!


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