President Obama Uses Presidential 3G iPad 2 in Oval Office

Monday, April 25, 2011
By OP Editor

President Barack Obama with Presidential iPad 2 3G getting on Marine One helicopter.

President Barack Obama, His iPad 2, + Smart Cover

President Barack Obama iPad 2 Marine One

We know that President Obama has iPad (and a computer). But what version is it? Tuaw reports the photo proof.

President Obama uses iPad 2 with Gray Smart Cover, photo from official White House flickr:

“President Barack Obama salutes as he walks to Marine One following a town hall meeting in Fairless Hills, PA”

Obama Presidential Apple iPad 2

There is no heavy football briefcase in sight. Maybe it’s replaced by an app on the presidential iPad 2?

See the gallery for:

  • Outside of Marine One as it lifts off from the South Lawn of the White House
  • Inside of Marine One with President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and others

Presidential 3G iPad 2 in White House Oval Office

John Brownlee at cult of mac reports that it’s an iPad 2 3G. Seen here in the Oval Office (official White house photo). The Apple tablet shows the black antenna bar of the iPad 2 3G:

Obama Presidential iPad 2 Oval Office


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9 Responses to “President Obama Uses Presidential 3G iPad 2 in Oval Office”

  1. Maria

    someone ought to send the President an extra sticker!

  2. Nater

    Hi I was wondering how to get some apps 4 my iPad send me an email

  3. Lance

    Huh? “No heavy football briefcase in sight”??? The picture only shows the Pres. He never carries the codes case. A military attaché has the case.

  4. No attaché huh?

    • Except a few times when they are left behind accidentally, there is always an attache with the President. The military aide is probably seated next to the photographer in the Marine One picture.


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