Cool: Wedding Anniversary Celebration with Mac Finder Conversation Art

Friday, April 29, 2011
By OP Editor

Can the Apple computer Finder help celebrate an anniversary? Yes, if you are a Mac creative!

Mac Finder Anniversary Celebration

Video: Anniversary Celebration with Mac Finder Art

Video (via giz) created by Sean Ohlenkamp, who described:

“I placed this folder on my wife’s desktop to celebrate our third anniversary.”

The folders inside folders is done using Columns view of Mac OS X, a great way to navigate the finder on Apple computers for over a decade.

Stop Motion Video: Bookcase Flamenco

Sean and his Mrs. also made this great stop motion video:

(Video) Music is ‘Tamacun’ by Rodrigo y Gabriela [itunes link]

Sean Ohlenkamp is known for his creative direction / art direction for Nissan, San Diego Zoo, ART DIRECTION / DESIGN / PROGRAMMING / ANIMATION for the funny (flash) humor page, and more. Check out more of Sean’s work on and on his blog.

Like this? Check out ObamaPacman’s Apple Arts section.


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