iPhone 4 Racing Gaming Controller Wheel

Friday, April 15, 2011
By OP Editor

iPhone controller wheel accessory made for racing games.

iPhone 4 Racing Gaming Controller Wheel

iPhone 4 Racing Game Steering Wheel Peripheral

This iPhone 4 gaming controller (more like a case) is like a wii wheel, features:

  • Textured silicone coating
  • Mount iPhone 4 through 3.5mm earphone jack (same way Square is mounted), but the connector is for sound only.
  • The two round silver balls are not analogue sticks. They are speakers. It requires optional Nokia BL-5C battery.
  • Headphone jack output near power switch
  • Charges through USB (through the headphone port? WTF?)

Measures 19.2cm × 19.2cm × 4cm, (7.6″ x 7.6″ x 1.6″), quadruples depth of iPhone 4, and about two to three inches shorter than height of MacBook Pro.

All iOS games should work, because it’s only using the headphone jack for audio output. ObamaPacman believes users should achieve better control due to its larger size (same amount of movement on a device with larger radius = smaller angel of movement = more precision control), if it’s not too heavy.

Price of the iPhone 4 wheel controller? $19 (1,599 yen) before shipping.

Japanese site donya.jp (English Translation) via giz


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