How to Unlock iPhone 4 (Official, Permanent iTunes Factory Unlock)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
By OP Editor

Various companies are now offering a permanent factory iPhone unlock (including iPhone 4 with Baseband 3.10) for $169 to $175. Does not require jailbreaking.

June, 2011 update: you can now buy factory unlocked iPhone 4 in US.

November, 2011 update: you can now buy factory unlocked iPhone 4S in US.

February, 2012 update: latest Official AT&T iPhone IMEI SIM unlock.

Cut Your Sim iPhone 4 Factory Unlock

iPhone 4 Baseband 3.10 Unlock

Wondering how to unlock a GSM iPhone? Jailbreak too complicated? Don’t want to wait? (Currently iPhone 4 bought within the past six months or updated to latest firmware baseband won’t work with software carrier unlock.) Got iPhone 4 with baseband 1.59.00, 02.10.04, 03:10.01, 04.10.01, or newer? There’s now a service to officially unlock iPhone through iTunes, from Indiana based cutyoursim and another company (scroll down for link).

Here’s how to unlock an iPhone without jailbreaking:

Provide your iPhone’s IMEI (unique to each phone) to the service and it will add your IMEI to Apple’s whitelist of unlocked iPhones. Restore the iPhone in iTunes and you’ll get a notification that the iPhone is unlocked. Works on iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G. Reports are at this time, it works on US based AT&T iPhone. 2-5 days are needed for the iPhone IMEI to be added to the Apple white list.

This remote unlock works for iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4

1) Type in your iPhone’s IMEI number in the IMEI# section. You can get this number from the phone by dialing *#06# (This is very important) please do not get the IMEI number from the box, or about screen.

NOTE: Please check, and double check your entered IMEI#, I can’t give refunds for orders with incorrect IMEI Numbers

Even though this will officially unlock your iPhone, Facetime may not be supported by unofficial carriers, unless you purchase MiTime activation from

2) Once payment is received, we will email you when the phone is ready, and unlocked. (This can take 2-5 days, or less) You will not need to enter any codes, your IMEI# will be added to Apple’s whitelist and will be unlocked forever.

3) Once unlock is complete, we will notify you. All you have to do then is, connect your iPhone with any Sim Card to iTunes. This will then activate and unlock your phone

iPhone Factory Unlock Service Pros & Cons

What’s good: iPhone with this factory unlock can update to latest iOS firmware through iTunes. There is no need to wait for jailbreak and then wait for the free software iPhone unlock such as ultrasn0w to be updated.

Why this iPhone unlock is unofficial: although the company is plugged in to Apple’s IMEI white list database, it’s unlikely to be Apple approved. However, considering that Apple has NOT gone after jailbreakers or unlockers, perhaps this will remain open for now. Apple doesn’t receive any revenue share on iPhone 4, 3GS, or 3G, (and probably no longer on the original iPhone), so Apple doesn’t have any interest to block this.

Official iPhone Factory Unlock Price

Yes this is real. Apple even has a knowledge base article on Troubleshooting authorized unlock issues.

Here is how ObamaPacman thinks it works: in Europe, some carriers can unlock iPhone for a price. In UK, the price to unlock iPhone is as low as 15 GBP ($24 USD). It’s likely that this company got access to that system.

From order receipts, the service is said to already have over 800 customers. That’s $136,000 of revenue or over $116,000 profit before paying someone to access the service. We believe if Apple doesn’t block iPhone unlock for countries without direct access to the white list, the price will come down over time.

UPDATE: see the warning at the end of the article

UPDATE 2: loophole for unofficial carriers were shut down in 2 days. Unlocked iPhones stay unlocked. Now most people will need to use a GEVEY or Rebel piggyback SIM to unlock iPhone 4.

$169 Cut Your Sim
$174 Superpaddy
$175 Negri Electronic*

Note that Negri Electronic announcement.

“We have discontinued the service due to the amount of submissions. Once all IMEI’s are processed we will continue to offer the service. All orders placed prior to this update will be processed and you will be notified in 24-48 hours when your device is unlocked.”

OP’s take: if you don’t mind the price, it won’t hurt to try it now.

What’s iPhone unlock? What is it good for?

For those who only travel within US, there might be one less reason for iPhone unlock, due to AT&T buying T-Mobile to create a GSM monopoly. However an unlocked iPhone is useful for those who travel internationally. With an unlocked GSM iPhone (Verizon iPhone is locked due to CDMA), you can travel internationally and use a local sim card, without need to pay for expensive international roaming.

[Update]: the iTunes iPhone unlock whitelist is suppose to be for limited number of supported carriers. Examples:

  • UK: O2, Tesco, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile
  • Australia: Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Virgin
  • Brazil: Vivo
  • Denmark: Three, Telenor, Telia
  • France: Bouygues, Orange
  • Ireland: O2
  • Spain: Movistar
  • Vietnam: Viettel

So, support of AT&T iPhone IMEI whitelisting unlock might be a hack. There’s also the $65 hardware iPhone 4 SIM unlock method that’s less expensive.


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86 Responses to “How to Unlock iPhone 4 (Official, Permanent iTunes Factory Unlock)”

  1. How can you say that this unlock method is official? It is illegal. These people are some how white listing your IMEI numbers. Beware of legal issues before you try out..

    • Hi Avinash,

      Thanks for your concerns. It’s legal but potential issues are already mentioned in the article.


      To Unlocking any GSM phone is not illegal, since 2003, unless you have CDMA there is only an added benefit to an unlocked phone. The true crime is a possible Monopoly of the US GSM market being cornered by AT&T after Cingular was absolved AT&T leveraged with Apple iPhones to try and absolve TMobile.

      And Since 2010 Jailbreaking is perfectly Legal as well. Study up and demand AT&T White List your Phone after your contract terms are satisfied. No contract no GSM Lock, Full price = unlocked. Or allow a Monopoly and have no choice.

      Liberate me, myself, and iPhone

  2. Kristy Pagz

    Im so sad that they discontinue this service specially while lot of people willing to pay just to unlocked their phone,I really need this unlocked due of my moving overseas,I just hope and pray that you be able to take order soon,wishing before aug before I leave.

    • Hi Kristy Pagz,

      It was shut down within days. Now it’s back to official carrier only. However, you can use the sim card unlock method. It’s cheaper and portable anyway.

  3. Zumair

    can i unlock canada iphone 4 16GB
    IMEI 012652002396244

    • Hi Zumair,

      You can either get the sim card mentioned in the article or ask your carrier about unlock. (Canada offers officially unlocked iPhone).

  4. Mitch

    So, can AT&T on baseband 4.10.1 be unlocked or not? I’m a bit confused…

  5. Victor

    i have an american iphone 4 with baseban 4.10.01 version 4.3.2, my question is, the unlock works in mexico(TELCEL) or around the world? i mean any company in the world?

    • Hi Victor,

      The service no longer works with US iPhones. You are in a country that sells unlocked iPhones, so you can ask your carrier on whether they can unlock yours.

      But since the service is shut down for AT&T phones, etc, it’ll probably only work on iPhones bought from countries with unlock iPhones.

      You can try the unlock sim though:

    • Victor

      thanks!! that means the imei unlock doesnt works for my phone? i researched a place to unlock my iphone the last week but always the same answer :”i cant unlock ur phone cuz the isnt allready yet the imei unlock for mexico”, i havent much money to buy a new iphone.

    • Victor,

      To do the IMEI unlock now, you need a phone from an authorized carrier that offers unlock.

      Or wait for the software unlock.

  6. amit (krish)

    hi this is amit jain i had purchase iphone4 from zuric but i live in (india) mumbai, i phone is factory lock can u please tel me how to unlock the phone

  7. amit (krish)

    plz tel me were to buy rebel in mumbai

  8. blackdog

    i have a us verizon iphone 4. the white list wont work for my phone is what ur saying?

    • @blackdog,

      1. CDMA phones cannot be unlocked. Verizon phones are CDMA.
      2. Loophole for white list unlock for non-supported phones (such as those from the US) is closed.

  9. rijack57

    I have an iphone 4 which was sent to me, in Bermuda, from the US (locked to AT&T). I bought the Rebel SIM and installed it according to their instructions and it did not work. They are telling me their SIM is not working because the phone was not activated with AT&T. I have no way of activating it in Bermuda. Do I have any other options for unlocking this phone?

    • @rijack57,

      You need to find someone with an AT&T sim card to get it activated. Try looking / posting on craigslist.

      If you want to sponsor a trip out there I can do that. ;)

  10. mohanny

    can i unlock canada iphone 4 32GB
    IMEI [OP: removed]

    • @mohanny,

      I believe Canada offers unlocked iPhones. Contact your carrier abut possible unlock.

      IMEI removed. You don’t need to post it here.

  11. luks

    i have an iphone 4 frmw 4.3.2 baseband 04.10.01, bought in the US, locked to ATT.. so no can do, and use it with spanish sim card, movistar :/ would this official unlock with the IMEI number work for me ? how much will it cost ?
    (pls dont tell me to refer to the text, i want you to tell me pls)

  12. rewster

    Once unlocked using this method, is it still possible to send and receive picture text messages?

  13. Ian

    Im travelling through Europe and then moving to France… I have an iPhone 4 baseband 04.10.01 version 4.3.3 locked to AT&T.

    Im looking for the best method to unlock my phone. When I unlock it does it mean that I can buy a sim card from any carrier and pay for a plan? Or does it mean that my phone will just pick up a carrier signal and use that for free?

    I can find the Gevey sim card but not quite sure how well that works, havent read much about the rebel sim either, or if I could find that in europe…Thanks!

  14. nimo

    This factory unlock method is still working here in the UK. I had my phone released from Orange UK by purchasing the unlock off ebay. It works perfectly and was unlocked within a few hours. Cost £20, same as orange, but without the 3 month wait.

  15. Kalpesh Patel

    I have an iPhone 4 from AT&T US baseband 04.10.01 version 4.3.3 it posible to factory unlock with itune?

  16. nagendra

    hi . i have us iphone4 with at&T contract . now i m in india. you say several methods to unlock which one is best. is IMEI method is works in india ???..after IMEI unlock any chance to get problem…. plz help me…..thnks

  17. nagendra

    hi .thnks for reply .and give some clarification which unlocking method is best and available in india . and i hear some issues regarding iphone4 unlocking .the unauthorized unlocks are not working properley in latest ios .. give you valuable reply ..thnks

    • 1) IMEI unlock: not available in India or AT&T

      2) Software unlock: depends on your iOS software version. If you bought last summer and didn’t update then you can unlock. If you updated, you can’t unlock with software at this time. What is your iOS version and modem firmware version?

      3) GEVEY / Rebel SIM hardware unlock: available for all phones.

  18. Shawn


    I recently brought the Rebel Sim.. it works for a month n starts showing its colors… the phone hangs and once u r out of network coverage you have to follow a tedious procedure to get the net work.. i had to reset network connections N no. of times and had to change my service provider sim for that reason (done that twice). Can you suggest me any other alternative to use iphone as a phone n not as an ipod… i am so tired to browse the net to look up for an unlock… does the Gevey sim work (not as in when the network is lost i hav to remove n reset the network).. I had purchased this phone from UK vodafone n have shifted to India… can u plz plz plz tell me what shud i do (plz dont say to sale off the phone)..any way i await for a good news from you to restart the factory unlock..

    Thanx a lot

    • Hi Shawn,

      Gevey sim works in a similar way except it’s cheaper.

      There is no software unlock at this time but we’ll post the info when that happens.

  19. Atul

    I have an iphone4 locked with O2 UK.How can i factory unlocked in India.Please tell me.

    • @Atul,

      At this time, you can NOT factory unlock iPhone in India.

      In Asia and pacific, only Vietnam and Australia can do IMEI unlock (probably only for phones sold on those markets).

  20. Sachith

    hi i’m live in sri lanka. i have an iphone4 locked with vodafone uk. currently i’m using my phone with gevey’s work fine.only thing is need to dial 112 and wait for signal… can i factory unlock or Unlock for Gsm Providers in Sri lanka? it’s ios version is 4.3.5 and Firmware is 4.10.1….

    • Sachith

      do you know how to unlock my iphone if u know can you tell me the unlock site or genuine site that not fake..coz i paid one site and still cannot unlock my 4n yet… they have only 4.3.3 unlock software… please help me

    • Sachith, I am doing some research on that. Traveling for the next few days, so might not be able to answer soon.

  21. derek

    hey. i have iphone 4g wid firmware 4.10.01. i know u said about gevey sim. but do u know any address in mumbai where they would do it wid gevey sim or sell it. Please give me the phone number or address either in goa or mumbai. thanx

    • Sachith

      Hi derek !!! i’m live in Sri Lanka.. I Don’t know any address in india!!. if u can, try ebay .I think there are lots of gevey sims to be sold! sorry dude!!! :)

  22. dikee

    hi, i’m using iphone 4 carrier locked from claro guatemala. in the apple’s carrier unlock available list i can see that claro guatemala is available for unlock. but the guy from the store keep saying the same BS. that claro is and will not unlock any phones. do you know anything about this? – thank you for your help

  23. jon14

    Editor. ive been lookin none stop for a (free) solution to unlock my iphone 4 4.3.2 04.10.01.
    i know that there are websites selling the idea of unlocking iphones for around 30 dollars…is this a scam? and if so, ive looked into actual hardware unlock (taking my phone apart);do you does the baseband matter?

    • @Jon14,

      No free software solution for recently updated iPhone 4 or 3GS.

      Hardware = piggy back sim card (No need to take phone apart)

      IMEI unlock = LIMITED number of carriers and phone combinations. Not guaranteed. Usually much more than $30.

  24. proj

    Hi! I was lucky enough to “factory unlock” my iPhone 4, with one of services mentioned. But since Apple closed this hole, I was afraid to update my device (I stay on 4.3.2). Is it safe to update for now?

  25. knb

    hi .first thanks to giving valuable information . my doubt is .if u buy iphone in us apple store with at&t contact and it is used in india by jailbraking it . at the time of buying we sign on contract for 2years . we use phone in india then any problem occured to person who sined on contract .according to contract we maintain monthley balance on at&t sim but we dont use at&t sim .so what type of problems occurs for this ……….. plz give u r valible ans

    • Hi knb, There is no pre-paid AT&T contract that gives iPhone discount. You should not buy iPhone on AT&T contract if you do not live in US.

      You still need to unlock the iPhone with a piggyback sim.

      I would get an officially unlocked iPhone from one of the countries that offers it.

    • knb

      hi sir .thnks for giving reply . please clarify some of my doubts …if we buy iphone in usa (contract)..can we use in india ? and any problem occur for person who sign on contract please reply this..thnks

    • No problem for person who signed contract. But it will cost more to sign a contract ($80 per month with tax, times 24 months) and not use iPhone on contract.

      You need to carrier unlock the US iPhone for India (no IMEI or software unlock at this time).

      Just buy an unlocked iPhone from one of the other countries.

  26. salman

    hi,i have iphone 4 wd version 4.3.5(8L1)having firmware 4.10.01 locked on orange Austrailia.will you plz tell me how it can be factory unlocked.plz help me and sort out my problem.thanks


  27. Sujeeth

    hi i bought a used iphone 4 32Gb from my freind who got it from Australia i am currently using it with the Gevey unlock sim. Can u please help me how to factory unlock it i dont know the carrier provider of the phone in Australia its firmware is 04.10.01

  28. Hitenn

    Hey hi, I am currently using a Curia unlock for my iPhone 4. If I update my firmware it will lock again. My phone is locked with vodafone Australia. Can it be unlocked?? Please let me know asap. My version is 4.3.3

  29. hello, i need to unlock an iphone from t-mobile uk to 3 uk
    anyone give any clues?

  30. liberty

    i have a iPhone4 base band 04.11.08
    IMEI 012339009678093 can i unlock using this method ?

  31. suhas

    i have a iphone 4 with 4.11.08 firmware is it possible to unlock thru imei or any other possible means.Please help me in this .

  32. Cepar


    So, can an iphone 4 with the 04.11.08 baseband can be unlocked with this method or not?

  33. Mihai

    Hi, can u unlock an iphone 4s from Orange Romania???

  34. harooon

    Hi OP Editor,
    my iphone 4 IOS 5.0.1(9A405), baseband 04.10.01, carrier Vodafone uk, model MC603B
    plz guide me how can i factory unlock,
    gevey sim not working i tried ;-(
    cydia is in my phone, plz guide

  35. McD Khan

    Any unlock in Germany?
    iPhone 4;

  36. McD Khan

    How can I check this?
    “If your iPhone was sold on a carrier that offers the unlock.”
    I bought if from another person.
    plz email meeee.
    iPhone 4, AT^T locked, in Germany

  37. hi OP

    i hv iphone 4 – ios 4.2.1 and bb 3.10.1 att – usa locked i phone
    can u help on how can i unlock thrugh IMEI ? it s annoying not to able to use i phone.

    Ultrasnow comig p with any solution? to crack BB 3.10.1 ?

  38. hi OP

    hi OP Editor – thanks for reply

    IMEI solution is too expensive for att imei unlock they are asking about 200$

    is this website reliable ?

    [URL removed]

    i m using turbo sim as of now but as soon as network signal drops I have to switch off my phone and do intialisation process all over again which is painful. is there any way to downgrade my Basband ? for eg ipad baseband. waitingg for your suggestons


    • That site is a scam. URL removed.

      No way to downgrade iPhone baseband once Apple stopped signing.

      The sim method has automated method for BaseBand 4.10.

  39. adlan

    hey man i have iphone 4 ios 5.1 modem firmware 04.12.01 can this be unlock
    text me [number removed by admin]
    thank you

  40. javi

    i have an iphoe 4 baseband 4.11.08 ios5.1

    how can i unlock my i phone?


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