Bowling Ball Proof Your iPad 2 with G-Form Case

Monday, April 11, 2011
By OP Editor

G-Form demonstrates its protective soft iPad case by dropping 12-pound bowling ball onto it.

G-Form iPad Case

Video: iPad 2 Case Meets Bowling Ball Drop Test

Would a rigid iPad case protect it better than the soft G-form case? Not if it’s made with a gel that hardens upon impact. Video shows this soft case protects against three foot drop of 12 pound bowling ball. The case weighs 0.46 lbs. Comes in yellow or black. Pre-order for $59.95 at G-Form. May 1 release date. Suppose to protect edge / side impact too. They also make bicycling and sports protection pads.

Made with similar material as the hammer time stopping FastMac impact gel sleeve for Mac and iPad ($40).

G-Form via 9to5mac


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2 Responses to “Bowling Ball Proof Your iPad 2 with G-Form Case”

  1. Don

    I thought this was cool, but I could never bring myself to do what it does, drop a bowling ball on my precious iPad, case or not.


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