Where to Buy iPad 2 on March 11? [DETAILS]

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
By OP Editor

On March 11, Apple’s new tablet goes on sale. Wondering where to buy iPad 2? Won’t Apple Stores be swamped with long lines?

iPad 2 locations

When & Where to Buy iPad 2?

Update: iPad 2 online + retail Order Times

The new Apple tablet will be available in both black and white this Friday. Where to buy iPad 2:

Details of each iPad 2 carrying location below.

So, what does it mean? It means that even though demand for iPad 2 is expected to a lot more than the record-setting original iPad, the lines might be shorter than last year. Why?

In 2010, Apple iPad was available in 1,100 stores on launch day. In 2011, Apple has “over 10,000 distribution points” that offers iPad 2.

Will the increased number of stores and inventory available shorten the expected long lines for Apple’s innovative tablet? We’ll find out on this Friday. (Last year we waited 3, 4 hours to get the iPad at Apple Store.)

Which iPad 2 Should I Buy?

iPad 2 is available in WiFi and 2 lines of Wifi + 3G versions. If you want the WiFi version starting at $499, that that’s an easy choice.

3G version is available for both GSM (AT&T) and Wifi + 3G CDMA (Verizon). What version should you buy? If you plan on using iPad 2 WiFi + 3G with Verizon data plan, then get CDMA / Verizon version. Otherwise, buy the AT&T (GSM) version, because the carrier unlocked iPad 2 works with any SIM Card that are cut down to min-SIM size.

Retail Apple Store: iPad 2 Order

Apple Store is expected to close for a few hours while staff change display and prepare for the iPad 2 launch.

Retail Apple Store is expected to carry all models and carry more inventory than other stores. However, due to large crowd, most Apple Stores are expected to sell out of inventory. Smaller capacity models will sell out first in most locations.

Apple Store will help you set up your iPad if you like to get your perfect model up and running before you leave the store.

Online Apple Store Midnight PST iPad 2 Order?

Apple Store online is rumored to offer iPad 2 for sale on midnight PST (3am EST) on March 11. It’s unconfirmed, so ObamaPacman thinks that online orders will be available at 5PM, at the time of official iPad 2 launch.

UPDATE: iPad 2 online Apple Store order time

We’ll keep you updated if it changes, so follow us @obamapacman or on Facebook.

For those who order online early, expect 2 business days for the iPad to arrive. So, realistically expect your order to arrive mid week next week. A few lucky folks near distribution centers might get it on Monday or even Saturday, but don’t count on it. The ship times will increase as initial inventory are sold out.

AT&T Store: iPad 2 Order

AT&T version of iPad 2 WiFi + 3G is GSM and expected to be carrier unlocked. Rumored to carry 3G version only.

Verizon Store: iPad 2 Order

Verizon CDMA version of iPad 2 WiFi + 3G will only work with Verizon. Rumored to carry 3G version only.

Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sams’s Club iPad 2 Order

These stores are expected to carry all models of iPad 2, mostly in black color.

Online order for Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sams Club is expected to become available on March 11, probably at 5PM, but won’t hurt to check around midnight PST (3PM EST). Shipping time varies, typically not as fast as online Apple Store.

iPad 2 on Amazon?

iPad 2 is expected to be on Amazon few weeks later.


If you are willing to wait a few days, it would be easier to order your iPad 2 online this Friday from Apple, Best Buy, etc.

But if you want it on March 11, then one of the retail stores listed might work for you. Retail stores near Apple Store might be a good bet to order your iPad 2 in person, due to crowd going to Apple Store.

We’ll keep you updated if it changes, so follow us @obamapacman or on Facebook.


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