Video Made Entirely with iPad 2 HD Camera + iMovie: iPod 3 Review

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
By OP Editor

iPad 2 HD video camera test + behind the scene of the iPod video review.

iPad 2 Video Camera Test

iPod 3 Review, iPad 2 Video Camera Test

Wow, this video is made entirely on an iPad 2 by Matt’s Macintosh. Featuring equipment:

Apple Model:

  • iPod 3rd generation, the first iPod to feature an all touch interface.

Video: Making of iPod 3 Review

Behind the scenes footage of how Matt uses an 2011 iPad 2 to make the video review of 3rd generation Apple iPod from 2003. Would you say iPad, future is now?

Tipped by iTunedSteveJobs, who might make his next video on an iPad 2, if he can find one.

Gallery: iPad 2 Video Camera Test + How

First 4 images are iPad 2 HD video screen shots. Other photos are behind the scenes photos shot by Matt’s Macintosh’s Canon DSLR.


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2 Responses to “Video Made Entirely with iPad 2 HD Camera + iMovie: iPod 3 Review”

  1. Don

    From all the talk about the iPad’s so-called ‘lousy’ cameras, these videos are refreshing, as was the professional rock video remix that I posted about below that was made using four iPad 2’s!


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