Target Stores iPad 2 Inventory Checker

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
By OP Editor

How to find iPad 2 availability at Target Stores + Best Buy + Walmart near you.

iPad 2 Target Store Inventory Locator

UPDATE April 13: Getting some reports this week of Inventory hold for Sunday April 17. Supposedly if you show them inventory availability on your iPhone and say that you drove xyz long to get to the store, manager can typically override.

iPad 2 Inventory Locator: Target Stores

Target has a very limited number of five iPad 2 at launch, but there are scatter reports of some small number of shipments.

Here’s how to check inventory of all 18 models (and model numbers) of iPad 2 at target. Go to the model and enter your zip code. It’ll either say “Out of Stock”, “Limited Availability” or “Available.”

Black iPad 2, Check Target Inventory

White iPad 2, Target Inventory Checker

“Limited availability” means they are likely to have one iPad 2 in stock. This is only useful if you are really close to the Target Store, because if you are too far, someone else might get it before you do.

Occasionally, some stores would have no iPad 2 for sale even with “limited availability” status. Speculations are that maybe they are in the back room and it’s not on the shelves yet. If you call to check inventory, ask for electronics counter.

Order iPad 2 Online

If you don’t want to hunt for iPad 2 like a headless chicken, just Order From Apple Store and end the madness.

Also, check out the new Best Buy iPad 2 Inventory Tracker and Walmart iPad 2 Inventory Tracker.

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164 Responses to “Target Stores iPad 2 Inventory Checker”

  1. Joocy

    I just went to a target that Sao “available” but nothing. Their system even said 5 in stock, but a guy from asset protection said they are looking into it.

    • Ouch. 5 iPads disappeared from a store? Hope they have some security camera footage.

    • carabuser

      The employees probably got them

    • David

      They probably got sold, it takes the in store system at least an hour to catch up, and the online is only updated 3 times a day. An ipad that was there at store open will show in stock until at least 2 PM that afternoon.

  2. Adrian

    I found one store and it says “Available” for the 32GB WI-FI black one and said “Limited Availability” for the 64GB White one & White AT&T 16GB. All others were not available in the 10 stores around the only store that seems to have some. They open at 8AM so hopefully I’ll be able to snatch one up if this thing is accurate at all. I want the wi-fi only one, with the status of available does that mean they will have a good number of them in stock? How often / when does this search update?

  3. Sue

    THANK YOU! We checked your site this morning. My husband was waiting outside the Chantilly store at 8 AM. Their stock was exactly as indicated and he got just what he wanted.

  4. Lewis

    Got a 32GB black wifi this morning. Last night my target showed out of stock. This morning I checked and showed available. I got to the store right at 8 am and was able to buy it. Thanks for the link to the target inventory.

  5. Spencer

    Thank you for posting the link. I’ve been checking everyday. This morning I went to the Apple store. They ran out of tickets a few people in front of me. Went back to my office, tried the Target link. They had the model I wanted at a Target store 1 mile from my office. I drove straight there. Turns out they had two in stock. Someone was in front of me, he wanted to buy both but Target has a policy of only 1 per guest so I got the second one. Thanks again, I would have never thought of this if I hadn’t found your site.

  6. skyblue in sf

    I saw my Target has 32GB black. I called just now to verify right @ 7:59am. However, the person said “sorry we have no more.”?? What? is he lying?

    • Hi Skyblue, the inventory is not instant although many people find it pretty accurate. Maybe someone just bought the last one. Did you ask for the electronics counter and give them the SKU (number included in each link)?

    • skyblue in sf

      i didn’t!! thanks for reminding. I will do so next time!! Thanks for your instant help~

  7. Brent

    Success! A south-side Chicago Target didn’t even realize they had 2 in stock and informed me they weren’t getting any until next week. But I saw them, plain as day, in the display case. Excellent tip! It made a happy Apple fan out of me!

  8. A1

    OK.. Newark, CA shows Limited Availability. Nothing there. The associate even scanned inventory in front of me. Also, no shipments since launch.

    • A1

      So far, I’ve spent close to $50 in gas money driving around trying to find this damn device. Stupid artificial shortage created by Apple. This just makes people want it even more. It also increases sales of iPad 1, since there are plenty of those around. Go figure.

  9. carabuser

    Hey folks, if you find any in stock, please tell us state and city if you can, Thanks

    • j_money74

      good site just double check with your Target Store..just got it at the Target Jersey City 32G WiFi ATT White…Thanks!!

  10. bubba gump

    Excellent site. I found two stores within 9 miles that had ‘Limited Availability’, called one, nope, called the other, yep. I arrived about 20 minutes later and it was still there, their last one, so score! I did keep refreshing the search though, and it took about an hour for the store to update as ‘Out of Stock’, so beware the 60 minute-ish lag. Thanks!

  11. Steve

    This rocks! Saw this at 7 am and got to target to be first in line at opening and they had 4. Got mine, thanks!!

  12. Jbenarao

    This link is awesome. Found some available at a store nearly 60 miles away, planned on going this morning. Checked this site this morning before I headed out and found one only 20 miles away. First one at the store and sure enough they had one in stock and now I am an iPad 2 owner. Already sent thisnawesome linknto my friends.

    Thanks and great job!!


  13. Todd

    I happened upon this site while searching online for iPad 2 availability. Thanks to this site, I was able to track one down in the North Dallas area the following day.


  14. janmibin

    I was able to score a 32gb wifi this morning at Riverside Sacramento. So greatful that I found this website last night!
    There were 4 of us and only 2 available. I was second in line. The guy in front of me tried to buy both but the lady refused. Kinda felt bad for the other 2 people though. It was raining this morning.

  15. skyblue in sf

    saw record of 16bg white in Albany target. I am working and I don’t have a car!!! Damn!!! If you got there, please get me one too…><…
    Anyway, i called Target and even gave her the number 057-10-1839. She checked and said "Nope, don't know why showing their number." so nothing again? I kept refreshing the target page ever hour……

  16. Steve

    Thank you so much! Checked this site at 7am, went to Target and was first one into the store at opening, and brought home 1 of only 4 they had in stock. No need to wait a month for Apple now!!

    • skyblue in sf

      Lucky you!! I have no luck in Bay area…. where did you get yours?

    • carabuser

      Could every one tell us what color and GB you got ? I am looking to get a 32 or 64 GB in black, my wife got me a white 64 GB and I haven’t opened it yet because I want to trade it for a black one, I’m in orange county CA


  17. Elite112

    Your saved my life! Checked a store with limited availability and they didn’t have it. Later went to another store where a white 64gb was available. They had 5 on the floor at 9am. I arrived at 10:30am and bought 1. Now I just checked the site less then 3 hours later and it’s completely out of stock! Will definitely share this site with friends.

    • carabuser

      Found a 64 GB wifi black at Whittier CA store, still one left, also a white wifi, I think it was a32 GB ?

      Thanks for the site !

  18. Nezzy

    Found a white 16 Wifi in north Charlotte using this finder. Thanks for making the quick link!

  19. I was able to pick up a white 16 GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 from a local Target store in Wake Forest, NC thanks to this. The inventory checker said it was available, so I called the Target electronics department. They had gotten in 5 that day and had 3 left. Unfortunately they couldn’t hold it, but I got there in 30 minutes and was able to get it.

    The guy said that they hadn’t put them out on the shelf, but they still sold them. They had a sign in the iPad display saying they were out of iPad 2 inventory.

    This really made my Friday.


    Everytime I see limited availability and call that particular store, they say they don’t have any. Is the site updated regularly or do you thing the Target employees are just not checking stock?

    • According to this website, it states that limited availability means they are likely to have one in stock. Because the inventory checker is not instant, they might have sold it before you called. That happened when I called on Target store.

      The status of available seems to be more accurate.

  21. LostInLine

    Local Target showed 2 models as available and one more as limited. Went straight to the store and the electronics clerk said they hadn’t had any at all in 48 hours. When I mentioned I checked their website for stock levels he said their site is actually run by a 3rd party, and not to trust it. Somehow I doubt this, but that is what I was told.

  22. mo


    After a week for going to the apple stores around me earlier and earlier in the morning without luck. I was ready to give up and order online and WAIT!

    I found this site by accident last Friday and checked out some stores around me. Right away I found couple stores with ipad2! They were 2 hours away but still there were hope! The next day I drove to one and picked up my perfect choice (32 GB wifi black) at the store in Lodi,california. Now all the stores around there are shown out of stock so i was lucky to find this site.

    Cannot tell you how it feels not to get up very early come up empty day after day!



    ps: Try all models and couple hours of drive around you and you may found something!

  23. Kadettje

    Fantastic! Got my iPad this morning. Was checking this site at several times during the day. Ipads showed out of stock everywhere. Then inventory was updated after store closure for two models at two different stores in my city. Status showed “limited availability”. Was first at store in the morning. One iPad, just the model I wanted, was sitting in the locked iPad display. Thank you so much. Woot woot!

  24. sparty2k

    Awesome site!!!! Picked up 2 black 32GB for my wife & I this morning. Initially I was told they did not have any in stock but after asking the employee to double check turned out they had 2. No line, no waiting. Thanks for this site!!!!

  25. Kari

    Thanks! Have been checking all weekend, and just stopped in our new local Target @ Hilldale (Madison, WI) and picked up a 16 wifi black and an orange cover. Used my Target card and saved $27.00!!!!!

    I am forwarding this link to a few friends that have either been stalking Apple stores or have online orders in.

  26. Shan

    Thanks! For the first time it said “available” for my local store. I beat it over there and got the model I wanted. Woohoo.

  27. Jen

    Thanks so much. Happen to get on here today at 11:30 and it said available. I called the store and they had just gotten in 5 one hour earlier. I was able to drive 30 minutes away and still get one because no one knew they had them. This site is awesome!!!!

  28. Dan A.

    Richmond, VA had one store showing availability. Went to check it out on my lunch break and walked away with a 16gb black wifi. thanks! Your site saved me soo much time and hassel.

  29. BigB

    I got one today at Dublin, CA Target. I checked and it said available, was at the store in 20mins and they had 1 white 16GB left. Guy said they got 10 in at 9AM and they were all gone. Thanks for the great site, I would of never been able to get one otherwise.

  30. Eric

    Thanks! Finally was able to get a black 64gb ATT version
    No stock at 7am but at about 10am it appeared as available at a store within 14 miles of me. Got there and picked up the last one!
    To those searching, check the inventory often as the early am stock check will miss mid am shipments!

  31. Thanks for this. I was able to get one today from a Target about 30 minutes away. They got them this morning and when I there in the afternoon, there were three left. I don’t really think most people would have known that they were even in stock.

  32. rafael

    Thanks… This worked flawlesly…Got My Ipad finally.

  33. quizout

    Just scored a 16GB black from a Target near me. No one has had them but I checked today just to be sure. The tracker showed “available” for one of the stores so I called. Sure enough, they had four. I rushed over there and picked one up.

  34. Vanessa

    Thanks so much, I was periodically checking your site to see if I could hunt down an iPad for my sister and was able to locate one, make my way to the store and purchase it. Thanks again!!

  35. Justin

    So I’m in Michigan, and I found this site earlier. I used the tracker to try and locate a 32GB Black wi-fi model and sure enough, I found three stores that said available and one that said limited availability. I called them all and was told the same thing, “I’m sorry we don’t have any” ………. Everyone else on here makes it sound like they used the site found the available stores and “BAM” sure enough went to the store and bought it. I didn’t travel to the store because its about an hour and a half away and I didn’t want to waste the gas to just find out they really didn’t have it. However, I have a strong feeling that they aren’t telling the whole truth. Idk, what do you guys think? I want my iPad!!! hahaha

  36. Lukester

    Wow – this actually worked for me. Wanted to find a white 32GB wifi only in So Cal. None to be found….then I checked the 64GB white model in the same zips. BINGO! There were two in Anaheim Hills. Hustled down and picked them up.


  37. MLK

    Great information and it works but here is a caveat. Yesterday afternoon I saw the inventory change to available at a local Target. I went there and they said they had no inventory and the computer is updated only every twenty four hours. No matter what I said, they insisted they had no inventory. I called the store that night and they said to check back in the morning. Instead, I went back the next morning to the Target just before it opened at 8:00AM. There were about five people waiting for the store to open. When we went there, the Ipad 2’s were available and I got one. It seems some of the stores must hold back their inventory until the next morning. But the inventory checker is accurate.

  38. Erica

    You Rock! I was able to get one at Target yesterday!

  39. steven

    This site is killer. Browsed around and found a store that had 2 16GB white ipad 2s <5 miles from my work.

    Ran over there and grabbed one. Cancelling my order with Apple now (was shipping April 20!)

  40. Amy

    Sunday it showed out of stock on line when checking. Monday at 12noon it showed in stock for what color/model I wanted. Took my chances and drove over without calling. When I arrived they have 5 just sitting there. I was too easy….bought it and got out. After being home about 1 hour i went back on the site and it showed out of stock! I guess I was lucky….. for me this site was very accurate.


  41. Thanks for all the love! Very glad to help. =) Don’t forget to share ObamaPacman apple blog with your friends, follow us on Twitter @ or like us on Facebook.

    You can also buy a great ObamaPacman removable sticker, for iPad 2 and Mac. (It’s water-proof, fade-resistant, and leaves no-residue, $3)

    iPad Mac ObamaPacman decal

    More tips:
    Unavailable: 0 in stock
    Limited Availability: 1 OR 0 in stock.
    Available: 2 or more in stock, subjected to the inventory update constraints mentioned elsewhere in the comments.

    PS. OP server will be updated to new, faster server tonight / early tomorrow morning.

  42. Wyzard

    Check at lunch. Said local had white 64 gb AT&T. Ran over quick and walked out with one. Great site. Guy at target said they just got them in.

  43. Happy

    I had a thank-u-sweet-baby-jesus moment today! I had the unfortunate task of trying to locate and buy one of these for a birthday on Friday. My search is thankfully over because of this site. I got the last one at my store! Thank you!

  44. Julie

    Target stores have been getting shipments around 10am, so it will update by 10:30am as “Available” if the store has them. I saw the change when I refreshed, didn’t call the store, but got in my car and drove there straightaway. There was a just opened box of 5 iPads on the Electronics counter. By the time I paid and left, they were all claimed. This site is amazing. Just get there FAST!

  45. LeAnne

    Checked the site and said available so i called 3 times. Electronics said they didn’t get a shipment. I called again and asked them to look up by the product number and they said they had two. Make sure you give them the product number dot just take their word. Went down to the store and picked up my new white iPad 2 16gb!!!!

  46. ifoundipad2

    This website is great. I found one.

  47. wyzard

    Was checking everyday. Nothing. Then checked at lunch. Said local store had white 64gig wifi/3g. Rushed over and walked out with my iPad2. Site works great!!!

  48. Justin

    This site still hasn’t worked for me, so its so weird when I see everyone coming away with their device… I ordered online, but I am sick of waiting. I have another way I plan on getting one. Hopefully tomorrow!!! :D

    • ifoundipad2

      Read Julie’s comment:
      Target stores have been getting shipments around 10am, so it will update by 10:30am as “Available” if the store has them. I saw the change when I refreshed, didn’t call the store, but got in my car and drove there straightaway.

  49. El

    I have to admit I started getting skeptical after numerous calls to the “available” locations a few more calls a store confirmed and I got it just in time to get the model I wanted – a 32gb Black Wifi!

  50. Dubs

    Search is over. The site works. Period.

  51. horn

    This seems to be a great tool, though I don’t think an ipad has made it west of the Rockies to Target since day 1. I’m in the SF Bay Area and we have seen zero in the way of Target ipads. But I’m determined and will keep checking this (more often then I should) and hopefully report back soon with good news!

    • Shed

      True that! I’ve been searching the Seattle area constantly and absolutely nothing, at any time.

  52. Justin

    I use my zip code to search, when the results appear some stores are in red text. What is the significance of the red text?

  53. Alan

    Really worked! Checked the website at 10:30 and it was updated so I went to the store at lunch and they had 5 left in stock! Thanks!

  54. chonglee

    i found store where i live. your website say this store have ipad 2, i went to store they have 15 ipad2, i buy all of them they sold them all to me in diffrent time. apple wont do this they sold me only 2. now i go home to china and make lot of money. they really want ipad2 in china

  55. vicky

    I entered my zip code and Target closed to my place showing a 16 GB AT&T 3G as available. Went to store but salesman said nothing available. checked this afternoon again with same postal code still showing available, made a call and same response, “we don’t have a single piece”……didn’t work for me…..!

  56. vicky

    by the way postal code is 77450, and store showing availability is “KATY WEST” if someone one wants to try his or her luck….

  57. horn

    Wow, have to say this site rocks and it worked quickly! I saw a target near my brother-in-laws house, he went over there and was 3rd in line, picked up a 32gb wi-fi. I wanted 64, but 32 will do. This is in the Walnut Creek, CA (SF Bay Area), so don’t give up – they are out there. Someone in front of him was going around buying as many as he could to resell on craigslist! booo

  58. Andrew

    This worked great!! I just noticed that the Edina, MN store had some black WiFi 32GB “Available”. On my way to the store I decided to call and ask, the rep said, “No, we did not receive any iPad 2’s today but you can try again tomorrow”. I decided to continue to the store anyways, I am glad I did because they actually did just receive a shipment! Don’t listen to the rep and keep checking.

  59. YESS

    on a whim i tried the stock checker today and was able to get a 32g white! cancelled my apple order as soon as i got back! thanks!

  60. Bob

    Perfecto…Got my wife a 32GB White WIFI today in St. Charles, IL Waiting for 32GB or 64GB AT&T model for myself. She is having a ball playing games already. I hope we don’t need to get some house cleaning help now too…that was not part of advertised price!!!

  61. j_money74

    Thank you Thank you..Just got 32G White WiFi/3G ATT at the Jersey City, NJ store..Cheers!!!

  62. drew

    how often does the tracker refresh?

  63. magicm1ke

    Checked on lunch break. Target 10 miles away showed available. Called and was told 3 in stock. Drove down and all 3 16gb in stock. Site kick ass.


  64. B

    Some helpful advice for everyone on the board– especially those living in NYC.

    The tracker updates almost immediately when the iPad’s are checked into the system and counted as in stock. The server, however takes about 1.5 hours to refresh when they’re sold out.

    Just an FYI, always call before hand to make sure they’re still available.

    For those in NYC, I’d suggest going to a NJ target. They receive more consistent shipments, and there are less people to deal with. They also stock their orders in the AM promptly, unlike some Manhattan/Brooklyn stores that do it around 9, 10, or 11 am. Truly frustrating when you show up at 8 am to beat the rush, and the iPads aren’t even ready to be sold yet.

    I walked right into a NJ target today and scooped up exactly what i wanted. The Harlem and Atl ave stores are way too erratic to keep going back to. Looks like NJ finally has a reason to stick around.

  65. Bob

    Found two… one 2 blocks from Apple Headquarters… and one 5 miles away. The close one (Limited Avail) was out… but the other, thanks to heavy rain, a brownout, and some risky driving on my part, had one left. THANKS man!

    Note to Silicon Valley folks… ignore the availability at the North San Jose target. They don’t seem to know their inventory system from a box of peanuts. Westgate, Cupertino, and West SJ have confirmed buys from folks I know (and now me!).

    • Great to hear that. Cupertino with heavy rain? The world must be ending in 2012!

      Ever visit the apple company store? Looking for someone to buy a few things for me.

    • A

      Add Fremont to the list of confirmed buys.

      Yes, the bay area has been experiencing continuous rain for the past week. The ground is extremely saturated now. Landslides, mudslides, fallen trees.

      I know we’re due for an earthquake… but please, now is not the time.

    • drew

      you mustve gotten quite lucky haha i just left the sj area yesterday and was looking endlessly with this tracker for 3 straight days and no luck. its ok thanks to this site i was able to get one where i live in the sacramento area!

    • Bob

      Company store? Apple? cough… cough… what else is in Cupertino?

    • Well, considering that you probably can’t access the secret antenna lab (if you can let me know), maybe some basic things from the company store.

  66. Lucy

    This works great!! I just got the model and color I wanted at a Target in the chicago suburbs.

  67. ralph dogg

    Thanks so much for this tracker – I was able to get Ipads for my wife and I this week at two different area Targets.

  68. S

    Thank You and this website really works. Found this website on Tuesday of this week. Checked regularly with no success. Checked again on Thursday afternoon ~4:00 pm. Found 64 GB WIFI Black at Target across the street from work. The guys said we were very lucky – 3 had arrived 1 hour prior!

  69. Shed

    Finally scored. Yay! Redmond, WA is currently unpacking 3 large boxes that I saw. Thanks for the links.

  70. Becky

    Awesome site, it works. Saw the Lathrop, CA had 32g black wi-fi available, and they had 3 in stock. Just cancelled the Apple order since shipment was still not happening. Lathrop still had one left …

  71. Walmart version coming soon!!!

  72. Avster

    This site has worked multiple times for me and family/friends I have shared it with!

    Nothing compares with this site when searching for iPad 2 stock.

    At first I became frustrated after 72hrs of constant refreshing led to nothing but ‘out of stock’ then suddenly one morning around 10.30am the target nearest to my work (NJ) said ‘available’. I called and it was! I got in the car was screeching around corners and pulled up at the store and bolted inside and low and behold they were there!

    Since then… I dont even call I just see it available and make a dash for it!

    Nothing comes closes to this site for accuracy.

    I really do appreciate the efforts you have gone to


  73. finally!

    St. Charles, IL. After weeks of searching and calling best buys this site worked great. One store showed limited availability on the model I wanted. Called and it was in and was able to get there in time to pick it up! The best buy I preordered from only got 4 total in since launch and others around are still filling the preorders so this was a no brainer. Thanks for the tracker!

  74. LeAnne

    I’m at the van nuys north. They just confirmed they got a shipment. Sales person is getting my new iPad 2 16gb in black right now.

  75. LeAnne

    Sales people don’t know when a shipment comes in. Give them the item number to look up.

  76. Nate

    After tracking target for a week I found one today at the Pasadena target!!!! So glad this works … perhaps a tip, I had to ask they were not on display

  77. Chris H

    Amazing been checking availability for the past week noticed that the 64GB 3g was available arrived at target and they had just received a delivery they still had 3 more now i can cancel my Apple order thats scheduled for a 4/26 delivery … thanks for posting the links

  78. Alan S

    Just got mine 16GB black wifi after days of scanning here we go! 1 piece only, I left work immediately 45min drive and it was still there :-) The guy in Target said it was their first delivery since launch, 1 iPad.

  79. gregga1

    This site has worked for me twice at Target. It is awesome. I have picked up a white 32gb and a black 32gb 3g. Loving it! Target didn’t even know they were in stock. They scanned the bar code and said, yes, we have them in the back, how did you know?

  80. waiting

    Is this site still being maintained? The stores in my area (SF bay area) still list ‘unavailable’ under most stores, which I would believe, but one store is listed as ‘limited availability’ for more than a week now. I can’t believe someone wouldn’t have cleared them out by now! They’re a little too far away from me to check them out, but I’m curious as to why one store listed out of the 12 hasn’t changed in about 2 weeks!

    • The “site” is being maintained. Local inventory accuracy (mostly accurate) depends on your store.

    • waiting

      Good to know that someone out there is still finding ones. There have been none in my area for weeks. Still checking the site many times daily, ready to rush over and pick one up!

    • Hey waiting,

      It’s usually updated in mornings around a certain time (see Julie’s comment). Good luck.

  81. tmoney

    Thanks. Just picked up a 64g 3G Black at Walmart after using your site. You the man.

  82. newipadowner

    This site is accurate…one near me in Tallahassee finally showed up as available, ran over there after 45 mins had passed and there was 3 waiting to be bought!! Thanks!

  83. cindy

    This site works! Just picked up a 16G wi-fi at Target in Seattle. I did not have to wait in line at the Apple store for 4 hours! Thanks!

  84. Folks, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for free for more iPad 2 Apps, tips, and tricks!

    Tip: those with iPhone can access this page by visiting (bookmark it!) and go to the menu.

  85. Heydude

    Tracker works great…..I bought the last one…and it was reflected in the tracker in four minutes!!!! Great tracker guys!!!!!

  86. Aze

    YO!!! thanks man! I found 5 in stock today after weeks of searching through this site. Me and wife bought 4 of these for us and 2 other friends. Sooooo fricken happy!

    Keep rocking :D

    Location: Buford, GA @ Target

  87. smartcar13

    This surprisingly worked in Portland, OR. They showed that they had two white 64gb iPads in stock and sure enough they did. I drove all the way out to the one by the airport, passing 10 target stores along the way. Got there at 7:45am and had one in my hands at 8:05am. They did have two in stock as well and that was the only two they had. Great system, I am so happy!!! :-)

  88. Mish

    Worked like a charm for me. Saw inventory at several Targets throughout the week and called them all to verify – this site was accurate every time. If it says limited they have one or two, if it says available they have 3 or more. They go very fast though and I missed on two occasions because someone bought the last one right before I arrived.
    Check this site between 10 and noon because the inventory
    arrives via UPS and that’s when the trucks reach the store – in MN anyway
    Try multiple models
    Call before you go (or on the way)
    Try multiple zip codes more than 10 miles apart because they only capture a limted radius.

  89. Ali

    It’s not work at milpitas.
    I check the list, it show 16G wifi only is “available” at sunnyvale, but when i call them, they said they have nothing.
    is the list update only on workday?

    • Ali

      I got one!
      everyday, i check the Inventory. yesterday night, i found a store have 3 ipad2 16G WIFI only, that was what i want.
      the store is 35mile from me, but i drive to there and bought one.
      thanks for the website!!!!!

  90. JDH

    This site worked well for me in Toledo Ohio. On Wednesday I decided to look for an iPad2 and found this site. On Thursday, this site said there was a Target 37 miles away that had what I was looking for: a 32 G black wireless. I wasn’t able to make it to the Target until early Friday afternoon but when I got there they still had 3 left. Great tracker!

  91. John

    Just writing to say thanks. The tracker showed a 32 gig black AT&T iPad2 at a Target store about 8 miles away. The guy said they’d only gotten them about 30 minutes prior and I was the second person to walk and ask for the black 32 gig. Thanks very much.

  92. Thanks folks. Enjoy your iPad 2!

    You can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest news.

  93. alexs

    Hi all!

    Long story short: arrived in US from Switzerland. No Ipad2s in Switzerland or Germany for the next 5 weeks at any store. Went to the Las Vegas Apple store twice in the morning before 7am. The line was so long that by the time I got in they were all out.
    Today, while shopping for baby toys with my wife in Target, I saw that they also sold Ipad2s. So hesitantly we asked, and were told that they are all sold out. Then I looked at the bottom behind the glass and saw a box. It was hidden behind a pillar, so nobody had noticed it. I showed it to the guy there and he was also surprised. Just before us he told someone that they were all out and 30 secs later someone called up and he told them he just sold the last one.

    Very lucky and very happy Target customers!

  94. Susan

    Just saw you had Target North Olmsted listed as available; they say they have none.
    Same with Best Buy Avon: you show in store only, they say they have had none for days at all.
    Are you updating this?

  95. Giselle

    Seems to me like both target and best buy are holding on to iPad 2’s until this Sunday, April 17th. They must be featuring the tablet in their weekly ads, and this requires them to have a certain number of units in stock. I spoke with a sales associate at Target in Harlem and she told me they have iPad 2’s in store but won’t sell them until Sunday morning.

    If you want an ipad 2 before Sunday, my suggestion is to go to a store with a smartphone and show a manager that the item is “available” or “in stock” according to their website. They have to sell it to you if you call them out on false advertising. Or just line up early on Sunday because the stores that show any availability are saying they are “out of stock” just so they can have units in store on April 17th.

  96. Mike

    Thanks to the Target inventory tracker I was able to pick up an iPad 2 Verizon 3G in Boston MA this morning! The change in inventory didn’t update until about 10pm last night, I think after the store had closed. When I went in this morning they still hadn’t put out the new stock, so I had to ask the electronics salesman to look it up for me. When it came up on his scanner as being available, he simply walked to the back room to check. As he handed it to me he said it was literally the only iPad that had come in the night before. I just checked the inventory tracker right now, about 3 hours later, and it still says it’s available, so obviously it doesn’t update immediately. I’d recommend getting to Target as soon as they open like I did, otherwise it may look like it’s available for purchase when it’s actually already been sold.

  97. Caesar

    I have purchased two ipad 2’s using this website. One for myself and one for a friend. This site seems to be very accurate regaring Target. I saw they had limited availability and I took off and went to the store and they had 3 available. I was the first in line and there were two other people behind me.

    When I got back to the house it said none, so it was fairly accurate. I found one in another store that they didn’t even know they had. Great site, I just wished Walmart would update their site.

  98. Matt

    This worked for me!! Northern Illinois, I’ve been going to and calling Apple Stores, Best Buy, Walmart… Everyone was sold out. Found this site Saturday night. Showed Target having the I wanted in stock. Sunday morning I was there and snagged it!!! I wish I would have found this site sooner!

  99. jsteezy

    found one at a target by utilizing this site…thanks for providing. I have been looking since they first came out and had been unable to get one until now (San Diego). For those still trying to get their hands on it..keep trying, and use this site, it works.

  100. TD

    Worked for me too. This is very accurate, but when you call make sure you tell them that online it says they are available, then they will go check to make sure. My wife just called and asked if any were in stock but they told her no. Then I called later and they said they had one left after I told them online it said they had them. Good luck.

  101. George

    I’m shocked this is actually accurate as the Target website itself will not let you check inventory of the iPad 2’s at this time. Last night it showed available for the white 16gb iPad and I decided to show up to that store with nothing to loose and they had 5. Great job!

  102. Hi folks, congrats on finding an iPad 2!

    Breaking news: limited time EA $0.99 iPad game sale (and iPhone too):

  103. Juuso

    Thank you for this site!

    I was finally able to score Black 32GB WiFi from San Jose College Park Target.

    Target web site indicated they had the specific model available. When I got to the store, I noticed the iPAD shelf was empty. However, after asking a Target associate, he was able to find one in the storage room.

  104. David

    Check the wesite this morning @ 8:am, showed Target in Spring had 2 32gb black ipad2. Went to see, YAY they were there bought them both for my kids! THanks for the help, this site rocks!

  105. Amazing

    Works like a charm! Bought the 2nd and last 16GB WiFi model from Cupertino Target when it showed Available on this website. Got 5% Redcard discount too. Sweet!

  106. Andrew

    Not accurate for Target in my area. Store 25 miles from me showed available and then later limited availability. Tried to call but couldn’t get through to electronics so drove there. Didn’t have the model in stock that their web site said they did. Had 2 old iPads and 2 3G iPad 2s that the system says they don’t have. None received since initial shipment and none expected until May 17 according to the salesperson. He also told me that limited avail probably means the display model since he says their system counts that one as inventory.

  107. Mike

    Thanks so much for this info! I finally got my hands on an wifi iPad, just in time for mother’s day.

  108. Denis

    Thank you for this great utility! Late last night a Target in NW Chicago suburbs suddenly showed stock available. I called this morning to confirm, and your inventory info was accurate. The clerk held one for me at the electronics counter, and they had eleven more iPad 2s still available when I arrived! Target, by the way, is one of the few places to discount Apple products – I signed up for their Target Red Card and saved 5%

  109. Rick

    I think this is a great resource. I checked last night for my preferred configuration (Black 64 Gb wifi) at Target. I have not been successful at locating this over the past two months. I drove about 12 miles to the store by 9:20. They had three of the ones I wanted.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  110. Rachel

    I checked early this morning for availability at Target. I called the store that showed limited availability, i.e. it had only one 32-Gb Wi-Fi. Electronics held it for me for 1-hour. I was able to drive and purchase it. THANK YOU!

  111. Maggie Nicholson

    I really want won of these for Christmas


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