iPad 3 Prototype Leaked

Monday, March 21, 2011
By OP Editor

What would happen to iPad 3 design if Apple loses designer Jony Ive?

iPad 3 Prototype Leaked

iPad 3 Prototype Leaked

There are rumors of Apple Senior VP of Design Jonathan Ive leaving Cupertino to return to London with his family (just rumors, not true). So, what would happen to iPad 3 design in the unlikely scenario that Jony Ive leaves Apple?

Juny Ive is the designer behind the iconic iMac G3, iPod, iPhone, and iPad, so without him, would iPad 3 design fall back to the dark ages of beige products? Maybe this iPhone 5 Prototype has some truth in it?

Flickr via spider-mac [English translation]


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4 Responses to “iPad 3 Prototype Leaked”

  1. Don

    Other than the fact that it looks a little too fat (it definitely should be thinner especially now that the iPad 2 is out), I think that the design isn’t too bad. Actually, I kind of like it, but not as much as some mock-ups that I’ve seen in the past, some of which makes all current tablets, including the iPad, look down-right ugly!

  2. What?

    Looks good. If it was 1987.

  3. Funny-Chiz

    ikr it looks like dinorsour times is this possibrl nooo wat because they ipad 2 looks way better i dont think that they will downgrade it!


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