iPad 2 Video Demo: GarageBand, iMovie, & More

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
By OP Editor

Can’t wait to get an iPad 2? Apple launches over a dozen new iPad app guided tours videos.

iPad Video Demos

Apple iPad 2 Video Demo

New Apple iPad “Guided Tours” page demos short videos of iPad Apps: FaceTime, Mail, Safari, iBooks, Videos, Photos, Find My iPad, iPod, iTunes, App Store, Maps, AirPlay, GarageBand, and iMovie for iPad. Videos are about 2 to 6 minutes each.

Most of those apps such as iBooks are already available on the App Store for the original iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod touch. Other apps comes with iOS. GarageBand and iMovie for iPad will be available on March 11, 2011 on iPad 2 launch day.

[View: Apple iPad Guided Tours]

Apple Does, Droids Drool

Fandroids, answer me this. Can your wanna-bee tablet do Garageband or movie editing? In reality, Apple Does. Droids Drool.


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2 Responses to “iPad 2 Video Demo: GarageBand, iMovie, & More”

  1. Don

    All of the demos are very well done, but of all of them, Airplay for me is the coolest of them all. I can’t wait til AirPlay will bring even a mere year from now.


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