iPad 2 + Smart Cover Fridge Magnet, Win or Epic Fail?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
By OP Editor

iPad 2 and Smart Cover magnet on refrigerator door. Soon to be seen on Failblog?

iPad 2 + Smart Cover Frige Magnet

iPad 2 Smart Cover Frige Magnet Fail

Looks easier than kitchen iPad install, but how well would it work? Comment by GeekLawyer on the iPad 2 fridge magnet:

Oh, cool. Great use – maybe keep recipes on there?

Like a recipe for disaster!!!

Do you think iPad + velcro would work better?

via mr forums


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2 Responses to “iPad 2 + Smart Cover Fridge Magnet, Win or Epic Fail?”

  1. Don

    Looks cool, but I personally would never, ever trust putting my trusty iPad 2 on the fridge without somekind of extra insurance to guarantee its safety!

  2. 8-) The scissors seem to be attached to the fridge much more securely.

    The ipad hangs by its on hinges, so will swing into the wall on the left if you open the fridge door too quickly.


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