iPad 2 International Availability: Starts with 2-3 Weeks Ship Time

Thursday, March 24, 2011
By OP Editor

It is 1am Friday March 25 at parts of the world and online Apple Stores in those countries are taking first iPad 2 orders for shipment.

iPad 2 international availability New Zealand

iPad 2 International Availability

Countries such as New Zealand and Australia already started its iPad 2 international launch, by opening online Apple Stores to take orders at 1 AM, March 25. The first iPad 2 availability for shipping at those countries are 2-3 weeks for both WiFi and Wifi + 3G version of the new Apple tablet.

It appears that Apple has set a different distribution channel for international iPad 2 orders. Although first New Zealand and Australia iPad 2 orders are not shipping immediately, the initial ship time of 2 to 3 weeks is shorter than that of current Apple online Store in the US with 4 to 5 weeks ship time estimate.

iPad 2 international launch will happen at Apple Stores and Apple authorized retailers in about 15 hours. (If you don’t count this Hong Kong iPad 2 scalper.) Long iPad 2 lines are expected around the world.

Forget iPad 2 Asian invasion, will there be iPad Kangaroo invasion?

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2 Responses to “iPad 2 International Availability: Starts with 2-3 Weeks Ship Time”

  1. Don

    They are advertising it at FutureShope here in Canada, but I’m not sure if they will, or won’t have any demo units in stock? I hope they do, so I’ll drop by later today to check out. My fingers are crossed!


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