ENHANCE! with iPhone Camera+ ‘Clarity’

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
By OP Editor

CSI moment: enhance image, Apple iPhone 4 App vs. PC.

Enhance, Camera Plus iPhone Ad

Video: Enhance! iPhone Camera+ ‘Clarity’ Promo Video

New ‘clarity’ image enhancement feature in Camera+ for iPhone / iPod touch includes better colors and better shadow details.

Our first thought is: that’s just HDR. But the enhancement algorithm is not HDR, because Clarity works with photos containing moving objects. Does it work? ObamaPacman tested it, and it DOES bring out details in shadow details. It’s fanatically magical! It won’t make your shadows like day, but still surprisingly good and you don’t need Photoshop to do it.

Clarity Exposure Correction, iPhone Camera Plus

Clarity filter is available as a free update for existing Camera+ users. If you don’t have it, download Camera+ [App Store $0.99 sale] now. It’s even on sale 50% off.

via gizmodo


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