Best Buy iPad 2 Inventory Tracker

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
By OP Editor

iPad 2 inventory tracker / locator / stock check shows availability at Best Buy stores!

Best Buy iPad 2 Inventory Availability Locator

Best Buy iPad 2 Inventory Availability Tracker

Wondering ‘where can I find an iPad 2′?

Updated daily in the early morning, the Best Buy iPad 2 inventory tracker shows availability. The tracking system will change from either “Available” or “Unavailable” to “In Store Only”. The inventory is not updated (or slowly updated) throughout the day so checking iPad 2 Best Buy inventory later in the day may show inaccurate numbers.

Note, most stores will say the inventory is for reserved customers only (you will be contacted if your pre-order is ready). Target iPad 2 inventory tracker might be a better bet (or try the Walmart iPad 2 locator). But if you want to chance it, here is the Best Buy inventory tracker for iPad 2 WiFi, GSM AT&T, and CDMA Verizon models in both black and white:

Black iPad 2, Best Buy Inventory Tracker

White iPad 2, Best Buy Inventory Checker / Locator

Note that Best Buy also let customers reserve iPad 2. Reservation is one per person and requires purchase of a $100 gift card as “deposit.” However most people haven’t heard from their March 13 reservation yet.

Update, March 22: People who reserved on March 13 are now getting phone calls about pickup. Best Buy will hold your iPad 2 reservation for 48 hours. (Note Best Buy stores already stopped taking reservations. Reservations will start again once all current BB orders are fulfilled, our local Best Buy told ObamaPacman).

Update , April 9: *** Best Buy iPad 2 Sales HOLD ***

Update, April 13: some readers are again having success using tracker (you might have to order over the phone with the store)

Out of stock? See our Target iPad 2 Inventory Checker / Locator + Walmart iPad 2 Inventory Locator.

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76 Responses to “Best Buy iPad 2 Inventory Tracker”

  1. Michael

    Cool, there is a 32GB wifi near my area!

  2. Josh

    Might try my luck with this since I am coming up empty with Target. Found a couple in my area but I can see them doing the “they are for preorders” Might see if my boss wants me to go at lunch since it is for work.

    Your link for the 32gb white 3g ATT links up to the verizon one instead of ATT

    • Don’t go to far out of the way, reports from this morning are that “available” inventory is set aside only for reserved customers.

    • Josh

      got a hold of them on the phone on my way to the store, said they are all for preorders. wish they didn’t do preorders, i would have been on it.

    • Josh

      luckily the store is only 4 miles away and if they would have picked up their phone the first time, i wouldn’t have made it far at all.

      The stock checker (or the employees) were off too. It was showing 4 different models in stock for me, and they said they only had 2 models.

    • happygirl

      Worked for me. Best Buy tracker showed availability; headed over to store, got it! (I hadn’t pre-ordered). No more ridiculous lines for me. Maybe fact that I could go at an odd/less busy time (45 min after opening on a Tuesday) increased chances of success?

      Good luck!

    • @happygirl

      Great to hear you got lucky! Seems very few B.B. are offering them for sale to walk in customers. Most stores put them aside for reserved customers.

  3. Chrisie

    Worked for me! The one in my area had a 32gb 3g verizon!! It was black too! I wanted at&t…but I guess this will do!

  4. quizout

    I got my call from Best Buy today. Picked mine up at lunch. Of course it’s the day after I happened to score one at Target.

  5. Shar

    Even if they have it stock, they’ll only sell to the customers that paid $100 reservation fee. Don’t waist your time at BestBuy, I went to apple store this morning purchased 2 iPads.

    • Seems that most BB stores are saving inventory for those with pre-orders, but a few stores do have them for sale to walk-in customers. Agree it’s more a hit and miss though, but so is the Apple Store.

  6. amen

    This site works, hands down. It was accurate today with respect to Oxford Valley, PA Target and Best Buy. Just bought (20 mins ago) a 32gb wi-fi white ipad 2 at Oxford Valley Best Buy. They probably had over 50 ipad 2’s in the store. Thanks so much for the site.

  7. bummed

    Didnt work here in the NW Chicago burbs. walked in less than 30 minutes after they opened when this site showed “In Store Only”…they checked, nope, none available for non-reservation holders.

    In other words, dont hold your breath.

  8. Josh

    Got one today. I checked the site, same ones showing instore from yesterday which i know were holds. But i called them just to pester them a bit. they got a couple new ones in and a couple returns already (people just buying to play then return) So there was an open box 32gb wifi white in, so I bought it. 14 days to make sure it is good to go, but looks fine, except when BB does these as open box they should at least clean the screen, still had finger prints…

    Sadly i have not had a lot of time to play with it yet.

    Grabbed the incase Book jacket case for it. They didn’t have a ton of options in the store but this is decent. Wish it had the magnet built in, already looking at putting on in myself. It is decent, could be thinner, but i like the viewing angles, quality of fit and materials. Also wish it had some color to jazz it up. But black is fine, and work bought it so i don’t care. Would look better with a black ipad in it since the white shows as a border, but oh well.

  9. Ant

    Yep I can confirm 3 Bestbuy stores in brooklyn told me they didn’t have any iPad 2s in stock once I showed up there despite it showing as “In store only” on this inventory check. Don’t waste your time.

  10. Mark

    I worked for me, but it helps to follow trends and know how the store handles preorders.

    I followed the stock in central Virginia for several days and was able to pick one up at the Charlottesville store yesterday. If you track what is in stock one day versus the next, you can pretty well figure out what shipment is arriving on any given day, since all models are sold out at the end of the day. It’s clear (at least at the store that I went to) that they “skim” all of the preorders first, before bringing the rest to the floor. The 64GB models seem to never make it to the floor, but I was looking for a 32GB model and was able to snag one once I figured out how it works.

    I sort of freaked the sales person out because I was able to tell him what they were about to get (I saw the UPS truck pull up shortly before I got to the store). He was more than happy to give me what I was looking for once he could tell I had done my homework and knew more than he did.

  11. stargirl50

    I stumbled on this site this afternoon, and the links showed iPads available at 2 Best Buys near my house (Durham, NC). The first one I stopped at had none in stock, were no longer taking preorders, but said they were expecting a shipment in about a week and a half. The second one had the model available that was listed on the links from this website (32 gb black AT&T). Score! So excited and pleasantly surprised! Thanks for the info!

  12. New iPad 2 owner

    It worked! Found a store with limited availability. I called and one of the two they had was the 16 gig wifi black, and they even held it for me. Thank you!

  13. RainyBabie

    It worked! Went to Best Buy last night – they only had 2 left and it was the exact one I wanted! Thanks!

  14. Sandra

    didn’t work for me, i had a reservation since march 13 and until no calls yet. The tracker shows in store but when i called its not available.

    • What area are you in? Best Buy nearest already distributed the March 13 pre-orders and about to start on Monday March 14 pre-orders.

      You can go to BB and ask about your status (maybe call too). Tell them the exact model & name under the reservation and see what number you are in line.

    • Sandra

      Long Beach, i been calling them almost everyday because it shows available (16gb white)in store where i made my reservation but they just said nothing yet. Now, they are unvailable.

    • Some stores save the “available” stock for pre-orders.

      They will call you when it’s your turn if you made a pre-order.

      Other stores have it available for walk in sales, but not your store at this time.

  15. KJ

    It Worked Awesome for me. I checked online for the 64gb ATT 3g at a Best Buy in my area and it said available. Great!! Went right into the store and indeed there were 7 available. No waiting no line etc. Thanks OBAMA PACMAN!!!

  16. John

    The Walmart inventory seems accurate even though it lists the last update as March 20. I found a 16 GB Wifi iPad at a store near me. I called to confirm and then went to pick it up. It was the only one they had. The guy at the store said I got lucky. It had just came in and that they have been getting many calls for them.

  17. VJ

    Thank you for this awesome site! I am on vacation this week and have been spending my time scanning the BestBuy/Target/Walmart inventory tracker and calling up stores. I finally got lucky today and called a BestBuy store just in time and they were good enough to sell me the ipad over the phone! Thanks again!!

  18. Happy

    This site is great. I kept checking the tracker for best buy and found a store that had some in inventory. I called and they said they had a few in stock and went down a hal hour later and purchased the Ipad 2. I was on the waiting list for another bestbuy but saw another store had it. This is a great site. Thanks!

  19. Amy

    Was able to nab a White 64gb Wifi last night thanks to this tracker. I’ve been checking daily and one finally showed up at a store about 30 min. away from me. I called to confirm they had a 64gb, and the sales guy said, “Yeah, but I can’t hold it, so…RUN!” I’ve never dashed to my car so fast! Got there just as 3 other walk-in hopefuls started circling. Literally, had 3 other salespeople standing by to make sure my credit card went through in case they could steal it away for another customer. Thanks!!

  20. Derek

    This tracker has done me no good. Every time they show up as “in stock”, I hear to the store to hear the same old story.

    Them: “We’re sorry, we don’t have any in stock”
    Me: “Your online stock checker says you do”
    Them: “Yeah, those are already reserved by people who pre-ordered”
    Me: “oh…ok”
    Them: “Try coming back tomorrow, if the pre-order isn’t picked up within 24hrs., we can sell it”
    Me: (under my breath) “I hate you so much right now”

    • Perhaps you ignored the part of article in bold “most stores will say the inventory is for reserved customers only.”

      Try the Target tracker because your store might have a long order list they have to fulfill.

  21. orlfla

    I’m seeing the same thing many others are. You call and they say they have one left and when you get off work an hour later and call to make sure they still have it a different person answers and says they haven’t had any for a week. Or, one store tells you they still have about 4 pre-order customers on the list and another tells you the next day they still have 300 on the list. Some stores have a voice recording when you call that says they have no iPads. And when you talk to a manager they tell you they change that message as soon as a shipment (even one) comes in and change it back, often within hours. I don’t believe that for one second. Best Buy is the worst company I have ever ran across at handling situations like this. No management ability at all. If I didn’t have $300 in BB gift cards I would have bought mine someplace else and NEVER darken BB’s doorway again!

  22. deebs

    I feel somewhat like orlfla but maybe less jaded about being a BB customer. I’m also stuck waiting for them to get their act together as I also have BB gift cards that are paying for the majority of the ipad 2. On one hand, its great to know I wont have to pay much in cash but its unfortunate not knowing how much longer we have to wait for the supply to even slightly catch up with demand.

  23. JSS

    Checked the website today and found out that the City of Industry store showed “Available”. I called the store at 1pm and they said a shipment came in and to call back in 30 min. I called back and they indicated that they had the model I wanted (64 Gig, Wifi, black). The girl on the phone told me they would only hold if for 30 min but I talked her into an hour. I couldn’t make it there for about 2 hours but called on my way and it was still there. While I was picking up…at least one other person called and placed one on hold. I was not on a pre-order list.

  24. stapes

    You rock. Saw inventory at BestBuy – didn’t believe it, but decided to call anyway. Their message stated that they had some in stock, but couldn’t hold any; you could however buy it over the phone. 10 min later I own a Black 64 GB 3G (ATT) and I’m on my way to pick it up.

    I had pre-ordered at another BestBuy and not gotten a call back yet.

  25. gio613

    I got mine in Best Buy Paramus, NJ checked the stock thanks to your link and was able to get a 16gb white wifi.

  26. Janine

    It worked! About 4 stores showed ‘In Store Only’. I called 2 stores, 1 store had 2 16gb’s left: 1 white/ 1 black. I was able to buy it over the phone and pick it up the same day! Thanks!!

  27. tungry

    4/11/2011 Used the tracker on this site and found ‘IN STORE ONLY’ CA 92782 Tustin (Store 774). Called and they had 7 16gb wifi black and 4 32gb wifi black. Went quickly over to the store and picked up 2 16gb wifi black. One per customer so I had to get my wife down here to get it. Site works well, just have to be persistent and always call ahead before you go.

  28. blackjack

    After several weeks of trying to track down an ipad 2 using this site, I finally gave up and placed an order in an Apple store a few days ago. The expected ship date is 5/2. Out of habit, I found myself checking with Obama Packman again tonight. To my surprise, four Best Buy stores in the Dallas, TX area carried the ipad that I was looking for. Since it was already 8 PM, I assumed that each store was already sold out but I called the Frisco store anyways just for kicks. The guy on the phone told me that they did still have some ipads left in stock but he wasn’t allowed to tell me which models. He was also instructed to not sell any over the phone anymore. I immediately drove to that store and 30 minutes later I was walking out with a 64GB White 3G ATT ipad. I will say that the first Best Buy employee that I approached when I got to the store told me that they were sold out. She didn’t even let me finish my question before she responded! I told her that I called the store just 10 minutes ago (okay so it was really 20 ) and the guy on the phone told me that they still had “some” in stock. She looked very annoyed with me at this point. She asked which model I wanted, then which color, carrier, etc. It was like taking a quiz. She finally said “well we may have ONE Verizon one left”. She sent me to the computer center checkout area and said someone there can tell me if there were any left. Now the girl that worked the stock room was VERY friendly and helpful. She said they got a relatively big shipment in today and did over $10,000 worth of ipad sales already. She said they still have several 32GB and 64GB 3G AT&T and Verizon left in both black and white!

    So sorry for the long post but I thought someone may be able to benefit from my Best Buy experience. :) And THANK YOU Obama Pacman!!!

  29. ss

    I not going to buy it from BestBuy and will try never buy any product from Bestbuy in future. Due to this Ipad policy bestBuy will losse many customer. I am surprize why Apple is still wih Bestbuy.

  30. kj

    the only advantage one has buying from a best buy store is 18 months interest free – no where else does that! I just preordered and will wait it out…

    • Jason

      I hear ya! That is what I did. The 18 month interest free is very attractive. (see my post below). I did preorder, but couldn’t wait so I kept checking the inventory and found one. Yeah!

  31. BK

    The BB tracker is right on. Was about to order my ipad2 from Apple when I checked this tracker again and found 2 BB locations near me that had the 16gb wifi version and were willing to sell it over the phone if I wanted. Just drove there and scored a black 16gb wifi. I will say that some BB locations weren’t nearly as helpful as this one though.

  32. Jason

    This site is great. I gave a call to a store after work and the store had two left. They would hold it for an hour. So I raced over and walked out with iPad in hand! Life is good!

  33. TH

    Worked for me, got it over three weeks (note – I have had one on reserve from my local BB for over seven weeks and finally just got a call yesterday – whatever suckas)

    • Jason

      Seven weeks? I made a reservation too, but couldn’t wait. I just used the GC toward the iPad at the lcation I called. What is the deal with BestBuy?! Is it that some locations are better than others? Man, if it wasn’t for 18 month interest free…

  34. Jhutch

    Went to local bb on Monday and pre ordered/pre sold an iPad 2. Found this site thursday and found out Lansing mi ( 40 miles for me) had them available in store only. Called them up confirmed they had 4/5 in white 16 gb wifi models. Asked if they sold over the phone. Said no. Drove 40 minutes there and am typing this now from my new white iPad 16 gb wifi. Thanks Had heard nothing from the closer bb. But will call them in the morning and remove myself from their list.

  35. ipad 2 fan

    It worked like a charm … i tracked availability and went to best buy to own one.

  36. Iwant1

    Used your link to BB tracker this morning. Site said they had one black 32GB one in Utica, MI. Drove 40 minutes out of my way to get it, and it was not true. Had the guy check the back room and everywhere else. There is not one in the store, although the tracker still (@4PM) says it’s there.

  37. spunky

    Awesome! 1 of my 3 local best buys had 1 and only 1 Ipad2 in stock – happened to be the 64gb Verizon in white – I gladly took it. I even shocked the store manager when I told him I saw they had one in stock – he had to check with customer service!

  38. deebs

    Someone may want to check to make sure this is still working. I’ve been in a holding pattern with local Best Buys in Manhattan for a long time and the tracker keeps reporting one nearby store having availability which is incorrect as I’ve verified this with the sales staff multiple times. If anyone knows of a way for me to turn all my Best Buy gift cards into Apple store credit, I’m all ears.

    • @deebs,

      BB tracker still works for spunky and others.

      It all depends on YOUR store. For example, if someone walked out with one without paying for it, the system would show one until they audit and correct it.

    • Imwantanipad

      I’m not sure if it is a NYC thing but I’ve called every store that supposedly has an iPad 2 in stock according to the tracker and I’m constantly told that they don’t have any.

  39. Deepak

    Snagged a 16GB WiFi for my fiancee as a wedding gift today thanks to this site. You guys rock!

    • @Deepak,

      Congrats! Wish you the best for your wedding.

    • Deepak

      Thank you. I was surprised to find it there since most of the stores in my area were reserving new stock for preorders.

    • Deepak

      And funny thing, by the end of the day I got a call from my local Best buy (Eagan, MN) saying they just got stock of the iPad that I had preordered. So on the 17th of May it was raining iPads for me :)

  40. Leslee

    FYI – I used the tracker to locate a 64GB Wifi model near me yesterday (Burnsville, MN) and a few stores came up. Since I’m not too far from the Burnsville store I drove over there at store open and was told that by a manager that they did have iPad2s but “Apple told them to hold the iPad 2s until Sunday”. So it looks like there might be another “big event” similar to the one 4/17 on Sunday. I inquired if this would affect anyone with a preorder and was told that a preorder will trump the Sunday event – so if they come in and you preordered, you should get it. Otherwise, you might want to try Best Buy Sunday for an iPad 2.
    Just wanted to let everyone know. Thanks!

  41. Deepak

    Thanks for the info Lesly – I have a few friends here in MN who’re trying to get one – will let them know. :)

    • I would call the store to confirm.

      Sometimes they will give exceptions if you drove far and that it shows in stock on website.

    • Leslee

      Yeah, I agree – wouldn’t hurt to call. In my particular situation the manager would not give an exception but he did take my name and phone number down to call if the model we wanted was still in stock (after they got through calling the preorders first) before Sunday’s event at the store. So calling might not hurt.

  42. jayrem

    what is “in store only”

  43. mii

    The inventory check showed a local bestbuy have in store this morning. However, when store open, I was the first one in and was told they don’t have any in store. Was I lied to?

  44. Elloh

    Best Buy definitely had them in stock today. I bought a 32GB white.

  45. javabeans

    I only used this site yesterday and today. Yesterday there were no WiFi iPads at my local Best Buy. Today your site said they had them. I went and they had just gotten 10+ this morning. Picked up the 16GB black. Great site. Thanks.


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