Apple Store SoHo NYC, iPad 2 Line

Friday, March 11, 2011
By OP Editor

iPad 2 line photos from New York City Apple Store SoHo.

Apple Store SoHo iPad 2 Long Line

Apple Store SoHo NYC, iPad 2 Line

Photos of iPad 2 line at SoHo Apple Store by OP reader, photographer Caleb Cain Marcus.

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2 Responses to “Apple Store SoHo NYC, iPad 2 Line”

  1. Don

    I don’t remember such line ups for the Xoom, do you?

    Android dupes can boast all they want about their so-called superior specs, but their inferior usability says it all, as evidenced by their lack of block long lines of people waiting for ever to buy one.

    • Motorola actually has to “sell” its most popular products (Android) at an unsustainable loss because people know they are not worth much.


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