Apple Posts iOS 4.1 Source Code Components!

Thursday, March 10, 2011
By OP Editor

Apple releases iOS 4.1 source code to Apple OPEN SOURCE library. Where to download.

Download Apple iOS Source Code

Apple iOS Source Code Components

Well, all other companies are copying Apple iOS anyway, so why not open source it?. Maybe Apple is saying the wanna-bees are not copying it right?

Apple Open Source library contains All versions of Mac OS X, Developer tools, iOS SDK and iOS 1.0 to 4.1. From the look of it, Apple will add older version of iOS in time. Apple is also behind webkit, the engine behind modern web browsers such as Safari and google Chrome. Apple is so closed and proprietary isn’t it?

Update: Macrumors Arn notes that it’s not the actual iOS source code, but just the open source components that are used, so you can’t build iOS with those.

Download Apple iOS Source Code Components

To download Apple iOS Source Code components, go to

via @chpwn


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2 Responses to “Apple Posts iOS 4.1 Source Code Components!”

  1. jesser

    So apple lives up to the legal and binding agreement upon which they entered when borrowing from free bsd?


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