Apple iPad 2 Online Orders Extends to 2-3 Weeks

Friday, March 11, 2011
By OP Editor

Apple Store iPad 2 online orders started earlier this morning. Five hours later, the delivery date is already pushed way back to 2-3 weeks. High demand?

iPad 2 Launch: 3 to 5 Days Ship Time

iPad 2 ships 3-5 days

When Apple started iPad 2 online orders slightly earlier than 1AM PST (4AM EST) this morning, the shipping time was 3 to 5 days.

iPad 2 Order Backlog Extends: 2 to 3 Weeks

iPad 2 ships 2-3 weeks

Five hour later, at 9AM EST, the ship time of every model of iPad 2 is now to 2 to 3 Weeks. Better order now from online Apple Store if you want to get the new iPad 2 delivered in March.


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2 Responses to “Apple iPad 2 Online Orders Extends to 2-3 Weeks”

  1. Don

    This is bad news for Apple’s competitors and those customers wanting the iPad 2 today, but good news for the iPad itself, as it indicates a huge-pent up demand, and forbodes well for its future sales!

    Eat your heart out Motorola, Google, RIM, etc., etc., etc.!


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