Super Bowl Time Machine: 3 Apple Ads

Monday, February 7, 2011
By OP Editor

Sport themed and iconic Apple ads aired during past Super Bowl Sundays.

Referee, Apple Get a Mac Super Bowl Ad

Blast from the past: Apple Super Bowl ads.

Apple, Get a Mac Ad: Referee

Referee, Mac OS X Leopard vs. Vista:

Apple, Get a Mac Ad: Trainer

PC brings in a trainer to get back in shape:

Apple Iconic 1984 Super Bowl Ad

Breaking free from mainframes sold by big brother IBM and Bill Gates’ knockoff. The iconic 1984 Apple Super Bowl ad that brings Mac, Apple’s easy to use personal computer to mass audience:

Too bad that in a continuous effort to keep brainwashing MicroSheep, Microsoft out advertises Apple in terms of dollars: Apple Success Due to Advertising? (Microsoft Does it Better)

via cultofmac


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