Steve Jobs Kills CD, Shows No Mercy for Zune

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
By OP Editor

Funny video of Steve Jobs’ stop motion fight versus CD and Zune.

Steve Jobs Kills CD, Shows No Mercy for Zune

Video: Steve Jobs Kills CD

The Apple CEO inspired stop motion action-figure battle is created by cartoon network’s Adult Swim / Robot Chicken show. This funny video shows Steve Jobs being a target of both Compact Disc Man and the so-so Zune Man.

The Apple CEO action figure manages to kill off the CD with his hand held boom device. Steve left the Zune man to a worst fate though, because the Apple CEO “wouldn’t waste the bullets” on the pager sized device.

Do you think Steve Jobs is ushering in a world where new Apple computers will be as thin, sleek, light, and CD free as the MacBook Air? Hint: MacBook Pro is due for an update, perhaps with Liquid Metal? That would make a great bullet-proof Mac.

adultswim via tuaw


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