Steve Jobs Demolishes Jackling House, Woodside CA Mansion

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
By OP Editor

This week, Steve Jobs’ old Jackling House finally got demolished. Efficient Apple inspired iHouse expected soon.

Steve Jobs Jackling House
Photo, Copyright Jonathan Haeber

Steve Jobs finally get to take the first step to building an iHouse at his Jackling House mansion site, after years of resistance by the “Save Our Heritage” group.

Wrecking ball paid Apple CEO’s Woodside California Jackling House a visit this Monday, ending any hope for nutty people to drag on the protracted legal battle any longer.

A resident claimed the demolition means a “loss of a significant piece of California architectural history.”

Jobs’ attorney, Howard Ellman, said, “He applied to demolish the house, we got the house demolition permit, and the demolition started today. What more can I say?”

Steve Jobs Jackling House Background

The Apple CEO bought the Jackling House mansion in 1984, but hasn’t lived there since 2000. Instead, Steve lives in a modest sized house, not a sprawling compound typical of billionaires.

Steve jobs first applied for demolition permit of the Jackling House in 2004, arguing that it would be too cost prohibitive to restore the now 86-year old mansion. He got the permit, but some people argue that the house is part of California history. The court case dragged on for years. But after public hearings and further information, Steve Jobs finally wins right to demolish Jackling House.

“Preservationists” Won’t Preserve Jackling House

During the legal battle, Steve Jobs even offered to sell the Jackling House for $1 to anyone who would move and preserve it. But besides arguing that the building is historic and architecturally important, none of the “preservationists” wanted to actually commit to pay for it. Do we smell hypocrites?

Hopefully Steve Jobs will get to live in his new house someday.

sfgate via cultofmac

Photo Copyright Jonathan Haeber, photographer of abandoned structures.


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6 Responses to “Steve Jobs Demolishes Jackling House, Woodside CA Mansion”

  1. Don

    The national gossip rag,The Enquierer, is now gossiping that Steve Jobs has only about six weeks to live, because he’s dying of cancer!

    Funny, not only is he planning to attend a meeting along side Judas, I mean Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg, but he’s also finding enough time to demolish the JackLing House in order to build a smaller home! After all, dead people don’t really need as much space as much as the living!

    Hopefully, Steve will be well soon enough. In the meantime, I just wish these rumors about his health would DIE!

  2. Leon Hard

    It is really a pity. The demolition is just more one step toward the lost of American Heritage…

    • By “American Heritage” perhaps you meant “US” heritage? America consists of US, Canada, Mexico, central American, and South America. Well, I doubt a 100 year old building has much history compared to America’s Maya civilization that started in 2000 BC.

      US is founded in 1776. The Declaration of Independence is US heritage. A mansion that belonged to a former rich person isn’t anywhere near US heritage level.

  3. Certainly not all mansions that once belonged to a wealthy person are worthy of “U.S. heritage level” consideration, but maybe this one had something going for it, and those “hypocrite preservationists” were right. Of course, if you don’t care about things like our history or our cultural heritage, then it doesn’t matter what you destroy.

    • Steve Jobs offered to give it away for almost nothing, but the hypocrite preservationists don’t want to actually take it.

      Also, there are many examples of the boring architecture in better conditions.


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