Leaked: iPad 2 HD Hand-on Review [video]

Friday, February 18, 2011
By OP Editor

iPad 2 HD, leaked hands-on review: Better specs, bigger screen, more ports, more power, dual-cameras, phone mode, and even an optical drive!

iPad 2 HD Review

Video: iPad 2 HD Hand-on Review

Hands-on review of Apple’s new iPad 2 HD tablet, created by Eskild E. Fors & Anders Ƙvergaard. The new iPad 2 with 27″ multi-touch widescreen HD display even has built in iDrawing Boarding, iFood Tray, iShotgun, iFruitCuttingTable, GPS, Remote control, milk dispenser, iMotivator, and toasty iFire.

We at ObamaPacman.com Apple blog especially love the new iMovie enhance mode of the new iPad 2 HD. It’s surely going to be a hit!

via youtube


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2 Responses to “Leaked: iPad 2 HD Hand-on Review [video]”

  1. Don

    Funny, but kind of cool too, and probably a good way to crush one’s knee’s at the same time. lol


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