iMac iHouse: Tiny Papercraft Webcam House

Thursday, February 17, 2011
By OP Editor

Mac designer makes webcam tiny house art: “midget & giant.”

iMac iHouse, Tiny Papercraft Webcam House

Tiny Art: Midget & Giant

Want to make your Chatroulette or Mac Facetime calls on your Mac more interesting? There’s a papercraft house for that. I spy a giant in my white iHouse…

The 27 x 94 x 55 MM paper house goes over the webcam on an iMac. Due to perspective, it makes its user appear the size of Godzilla, overlooking tiny table and chairs of a tiny house.

Created by Japanese design firm Ryuji Nakamura & Associates for an art exhibit. They look like Mac fans, because they even gave a lecture at Apple Store Ginza Japan.

Hechima Chair, Ryuji Nakamura

See more of the minimalist art, such as “hechima” plywood chair for royal danish embassy in Japan on their Work page.

ryujinakamura via geekologie


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