Firefox Has Encountered an Unexpected Problem with Windows

Friday, February 25, 2011
By OP Editor

Mozilla Firefox fox mascot having problems with Windows? Video documentary reveals.

Firefox Has Encountered an Unexpected Problem with Windows

Video: Firefox Has Encountered an Unexpected Problem with Windows

A fox licking a frozen glass window. How cute? Watch the video!

Funny caption win. Looks like Windows always get in the way and Firefox is about to cause a BSOD by the sound of it. How often do you think this happens at the Microsoft house of Frankenstein Steve Ballmer?

Original video uploaded by Alkodozer, funny caption by marco136.


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5 Responses to “Firefox Has Encountered an Unexpected Problem with Windows”

  1. Don

    Windows 7 is not only a rip off of OS X, it’s a poor one at that!

    Where as OS X “just works”, Windows 7 just works…. “sometimes”! Thanks to better copying of various OS X features, etc., it’s miles ahead of Windows past, but still miles from working as great as today’s OS X, let alone future versions.

    It wouldn’t surprise me one little bit, if Windows actually did interfer with FireFox, but in that case, it wouldn’t be as funny as the video!

  2. John

    Tristan Thomas sure is an idiot.

    I love when people think there isn’t a right click on Mac. Those same idiots waste their lives playing pointless games on their PCs.

  3. Right click works just fine on an Apple computer. There is something called bootcamp.

    Playing on a now almost 4 year old Mac, I typically get top 3 out of 24 to 32 player Team Fortress 2 matches.

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