FAA Approves iPad as Pilot Electronic Flight Bag

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
By OP Editor

iPad as pilot’s aeronautical paper charts replacements? There’s an App for that.

iPad Jeppesen App, FAA Approved Pilot Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

iPad Pilot Electronics Flight Bag

Apple iPad tablet, running Jeppesen Mobile TC App [App Store], just received FAA authorization for portable, kneeboard Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) use. The App is free, but requires a valid subscription to work. The iPad should be secured and viewable during critical phases of flight for the Class 1 portable EFB.

iPad FAA test result highlights:

  • Successful rapid decompression test on iPad to 51,000 feet in altitude
  • Successful iPad non-interference test on the evaluation aircraft

Wait, does the non-interference compliance mean that we can pull out the FAA certification on an iPad, the next time when commercial airliners say: turn off all electronic devices? (Hint: we recommend you NOT risk it, but if you are successful enough, your and your iPhone / iPad can always Fly Like the G6).

iPad EFB Ease of Use

FAA and pilots embrace the iPad future, because “it just works”:

“Pilots participating in the evaluation reported that they were particularly pleased with the App’s ease of use, simplicity to manage, speed and display clarity.” – Jeppesen Mobile

Some features of the iPad Jeppesen Mobile TC for airplane pilots:

  • Vector-based full colored charts downloads
  • Offline / airplane mode access of downloaded charts
  • View in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Airport search, terminal chart browsing, favorites list
  • Brightness control for flying at night

Data from the evaluation might help gain future authorization for Class 2 mounted configurations utilizing iPad. When do you think we’ll see the DIY iPad car mount in an airplane?

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One Response to “FAA Approves iPad as Pilot Electronic Flight Bag”

  1. Don

    Somehow I feel better flying already! I had a friend who was studying to become a pilot; he would have love this!


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