FAIL: Android Motorola Xoom Tablet Has No Flash

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
By OP Editor

Motorola’s first Android Honeycomb Xoom tablet already disappoints fandroids, by not including one of its major “features.”

Motorola Xoom FAIL no Flash rich web

The delusional fandroid droning of “Flash is open” would have to wait.

Xoom Android Tablet: Flash

The Motorola Xoom with Android Honeycomb is another iPad wanna-bee product that attempts to copy the Apple tablet.

Originally, to differentiate their iPad knockoff, Motorola advertises that the Xoom will have support for Adobe Flash Player. Their marketing material promises inclusion of the battery-draining proprietary Flash plugin to provide a “full web browsing experience.”

Android Tablet Flash Vaporware

Unfortunately Flash is another vaporware feature for the Xoom. As noted in an almost unreadable 8 pixel height graphic on Verizon website, the Motorola Xoom won’t have support for Flash at launch.

Here’s is the graphics element at original size: 369 by 8 pixels. FAIL:

Android Honeycomb iPad wanna-bee tablet NO FLASH

Open Web vs. Proprietary Flash

Why is Flash delayed yet again? It’s because Flash is actually closed and proprietary.

Apple’s revolutionary iPhone was introduced in 2007 by Steve Jobs without Flash. Within that time, major web sites were able to adopt the open HTML5 video standard as option to proprietary Flash. However, those who would like to stay with last decade’s closed Flash plugin are remained at the mercy of Adobe, despite marketing of “flash is open”.

4 years later, Adobe still can’t make their Flash plugin efficient enough or on-schedule for mobile device the size of a laptop computer. Not even for the nominally “open” proprietary Android Honeycomb tablet. So, is lack of usable Flash plugin due to Steve Jobs’ war on Flash or Adobe failing to make its high cpu usage bloatware usable?

Yes Adobe keep promising a non-laggy version of proprietary plugin for Android tablet “later,” but Adobe also promised full Flash for Windows Mobile years ago, and Flash for iPhone in 2008. Would Duke Nukem Forever will beat this piece of vaporware?

Before anyone even reviews the thing, the Xoom already lost a major selling point. Where are the openness shills and their faux outrage now?


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8 Responses to “FAIL: Android Motorola Xoom Tablet Has No Flash”

  1. So…does that make the iPad, iPhone and iTouch a fail as well o.o

  2. Lol, I suppose your argument can hold up for now. Time will change the tide =]

    Although, the Motorola XOOM got the Honeycomb off to a bad start… I wonder who we should blame, Verizon or Motorola?

  3. Are you implying that no phone rivals the iPhone?

    And why can’t I reply directly under you in a 2.2 fashion?

  4. Cut the Rope, iMovie, Archetype, Rage HD, Lego Harry Potter, Nova, Tap DJ, the list go on and on.

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