2011 Spring MacBook Pro Benchmarks: Faster Than 2010 Quad MAC PRO

Friday, February 25, 2011
By OP Editor

Some new Thunderbolt / Sandy Bridge MacBook Pro Quad i7 scores over 10,000 on Geekbench, beating some recent Mac Pro benchmarks.

2011 Sandy Bridge MacBook Pro Benchmarks

MacBook Pro Sandy Bridge 8.2 geekbench benchmarks Core i7 Quad

Apple introduced one dual i5, one dual i7 and three i7 QUAD Sandy Bridge / Thunderbolt MacBook Pros yesterday. If you are wondering about their speed for professional applications, here are the geekbench benchmarks:

32-bit benchmark

  • i7 Dual 2.7: around 6,000
  • i7 Quad 2.0: over 8,800
  • i7 Quad 2.2: over 9,800
  • i7 Quad 2.3: over 10,000

64-bit benchmark

  • i7 Dual 2.7: around 6,500
  • i7 Quad 2.0: over 9,500
  • i7 Quad 2.2: over 10,900
  • i7 Quad 2.3: over 11,000

Mac Pro and Xserve Geekbench Benchmark Scores

Mac Pro and Xserve with Xeon benchmarks from 2008, 2009, and 2010:

Mac Pro geekbench benchmarks, 2010 2009 2008 Xeon

2011 MacBook Pro Sandy Bridge vs. 2010 Mac Pro Xeon

64-bit benchmark of i7 Quad 2.2 scores over 10,900, faster than low-end Mid 2010 Mac Pro with Intel Xeon W3565 Quad 3.2 GHz (4 cores) with 9968, and faster than Early 2009 Mac Pro with Intel Xeon X5482 3.2 GHz Octocore (8 cores) with score of 10,300.

Wow. Two standard configs of new Thunderbolt MacBook Pro, and two built to order (BTO) versions beating a Mac Pro from last year! Get them if you need the power:

Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 QUAD 2.2GHz 15″ Notebook for $2,199
Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 QUAD 2.2GHz 17″ Notebook for $2,499
Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 QUAD 2.3GHz 15″ Notebook, BTO
Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 QUAD 2.3GHz 17″ Notebook, BTO

For BTO version add the 2.3GHZ processor $250 upgrade. For the fastest performance, order the new 2011 Thunderbolt MacBook Pro with SSD upgrade.

Of course, the benchmarks show performance for multi-core capable applications. If you just use it for FaceBook you probably don’t need the upgrades. But if you are a professional then you might want to consider a high end MacBook Pro.

Geekbench MacBook Pro 8,2 benchmarks:
2011 i7 Quad scores, 2011 13″ i5 & i7 Dual scores MacBook Pro, via 9to5


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2 Responses to “2011 Spring MacBook Pro Benchmarks: Faster Than 2010 Quad MAC PRO”

  1. MacMood

    I have a query. I have a late 2010 MBP, corei7 dual core 2.66Ghz, with 8gb Ram, 512MB graphics and 7200rom 500GB HDD. I do a lot of video rendering, what is the difference with the latest 17 inchers with 2.3Ghz quad core i7’s and 1Gb Graphics?

    I am wondering if its worth off loading my relatively new laptop and getting the new one or not?

    Also, it is normal that a few months down the line, Apple release a faster iteration of the same processor right?

    • Hi MacMood,

      Just run Geekbench and see what your score is. I believe your MBP would score around 5,500. Compared to about 10,000. Does your software support quad core? If it does (probably does) then yes it’s worth it (depending on how much your time is worth).

      The 2011 MBP has new architecture (Santa Bridge), so it’s a big jump in performance (dual to quad). Next revision probably will only be slight processor bump.

      You can also buy it at Apple store to try it out. Apple has stopping charging 10% restocking fee recently.


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