TCHO: iPhone Controlled Artisan Chocolate Factory!

Friday, January 14, 2011
By OP Editor

Artisan chocolate meets technology, Apple style.

TCHO iPhone Controlled Artisan Chocolate Factory

Video: TCHO iPhone Controlled Chocolate Factory

This must be Apple fans’ Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory: Remote chocolate lab enterprise operation? There’s an app for that.

How does former NASA software entrepreneur improve artisan chocolate? By using the “best technology available.” In this case, no Oompa-Loompas, but utilizing the Apple iPhone.

TCHO stands for technology + chocolate. It is founded by former NASA software entrepreneur Timothy Childs. Its CEO, Louis Rossetto, is cofounder of Wired magazine. The company, the only bean-to-bar chocolate factory left in San Francisco, brings their artisan chocolate “from the pod to the palate.”

Irony: A cocoa bean business, controlled by with an iOS App built with Apple Cocoa. TCHO uses Apple iPhone and a custom app as virtual window to remote operate their chocolate enterprise.

Video: TCHO Artisan Chocolate

More about their attention in the complete process of artisan chocolate production at their San Francisco Bay factory, from beans, to creation, to brand and product design:

Oh, and they are Mac fans:

TCHO Chocolate Factory Mac

Favorite iPhone Apps, TCHO Chocolate Factory

TCHO Favorite iPhone Apps:

P.S. you can order their chocolate online from

See the full story at Apple iPhone in Business
via cultofmac


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2 Responses to “TCHO: iPhone Controlled Artisan Chocolate Factory!”

  1. Don

    Wow, two of my favorite things together, chocolate and the iPhone has got to equal just one thing………. yummy!

    • All they need is an iPhone controlled slingshot that fires the chocolate for delivery. Each package would be build in With parachute of course.


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