Jonathan Mann Sings Apple Patent Song

Friday, January 28, 2011
By OP Editor

From the creator of the iPhone 4 antenna song and ninja Steve (Jobs) song, comes the Apple patent song.

Jonathan Mann Apple Patent Song

Video: Jonathan Mann Sings Apple Patent Song

Could Apple patents reveal the future of technology?

The innovative Cupertino technology company patents plenty of its ideas. The Apple Patent song covers some real patents approved by United States Patent and Trademark Office:

  • iPhone
  • iPod bicycle
  • Apple TV with motion control
  • Solar technology inside a touchscreen
  • Touchscreen iMac
  • iPhone to unlock the door
  • Bluetooth ear piece + iPod shuffle (Michael Phelps might be interested in this)
  • iPhone camera attachment accessory
  • Laptop with built in projector. Help me obi wan Kenobi, you are my only hope. (From the Evil Android dark side)
  • Innovative multi party iChat video chat display (no Facetime?)
  • iPod touch design
  • Rotary click wheel iPod iPhone
  • Logo antenna (used in iPad)
  • and more

Dell Copies Apple Patent

Dell copies Apple touchscreen Mac patent

Example of Dell blindly copying Apple rumors / patents (Microsoft and HP also does it).

Apple Touchscreen Text Selection Patent (Later Stolen by Android)

Apple’s intuitive touchscreen text selection patent:

Apple iPhone Touchscreen Text Selection Patent

Apple’s patented text selection method was added to existing iPhone and iPod touch through a firmware update. It was copied by Android about 1 year after Apple introduced it.

Jonathan Mann: iPhone iPad App + Macworld Live Concert

Jonathan Mann also invented a “robot that creates songs” the Songatron – Musical Mad Libs, described as “The easiest and funniest way to create your own songs.” Download at [App Store] for iPhone and iPad.

Jonathan Mann’s band will perform this Saturday at January 29 2011 at MacWorld, Moscone Center West, San Francisco.

Jonathan Mann, Song A Day on YouTube


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  1. I do not mind that he writes these songs but his voice is annoying =/


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