Photos: iPad 2 Mockup

Thursday, January 6, 2011
By OP Editor

Fake iPad 2 mockup features “redesigned curves, ports, and cameras.”

iPad 2 mockup photo

iLounge spotted a fake iPad 2 mockup at the 2011 International CES. The iPad 2 mockup is made by developer Gopod Mobile, and is likely to be based on recent “leaked” iPad 2 case designs and Apple’s new MacBook Air.

The iPad 2 mockup is suppose to “represent the actual appearance of the as-yet-unreleased thinner and slightly smaller iPad.” The developer is said to be making a iPad 2 battery from the mockup.

iPad 2 photo, 1337 leet

iPad battery? Are they nuts? Most people find iPad’s long-lasting battery lasts for several days of regular use, so good luck to Gopod. Well, at least their fake iPad 2 is still A 1337!

ilounge (photos 1, 2, 3) via 9to5mac


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5 Responses to “Photos: iPad 2 Mockup”

  1. Don

    Mock up, smock up, I just wish the damn thing get here already, because I want one sight unseen!

  2. what is the difference..?


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