Google Investor Relations Rejects WebM Video Codec

Thursday, January 20, 2011
By OP Editor

WebM video adoption fail. Even Google’s Investor Relations rejects Google’s own video codec while presenting 2010 Q4 earnings results today.

Google Investor Relations Rejects WebM

Google 2010 Q4 Earnings Report Rejects WebM

Google recently goes against Apple, Microsoft, content providers, plus the whole electronics industry, by announcing its Chrome browser drops efficient H.264 video codec open standard. But instead of using the existing open Ogg Theora video codec, Google is promoting its own untested WebM video codec instead.

It seems that some Google departments don’t buy its own marketing though. In this case, Google Investor Relations seems to reject WebM. Instead, the department recommends outdated technology: “Real Player or Windows Media Player required to view webcasts or listen to audio.” FAIL.

You can see the hilarity at:

Thankfully, the actual Google 2010 Q4 Earnings audio webcast is linked to YouTube live stream, not to those outdated technology. Definitely put it on the Google webmaster failure pile for the next annual review. Or maybe Google is merely informing investors to anticipate WebM to join those outdated technology soon?

Of course, we expect Google to update this page soon due to our report, but we’ll archive it forever, for historical purposes of course. ;)


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