FAIL: Facebook Movie, “Social Network,” Is A Lie!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
By OP Editor

Facebook film “The Social Network” [iTunes HD $19.99, SD $14.99] just won four Golden Globe awards, including best motion picture and drama. But Mac fans might notice a major movie fail.

Facebook Movie, Social Network Fail

Trailer: The Social Network, Facebook Inspired Fiction

Facebook Social Network Revolution

Facebook saved the world from Microsoft-mimicking MySpace, known for its bad taste of “open” user page designs that allows annoying animated GIFs and everything fugly about web design.

Mark Zuckerberg, who became the youngest billionaire in the world, started this multi-billion-dollar Facebook social media revolution. In The Social Network, Zuckerberg is portrayed as a young narcissistic genius.

Critics agree that it’s a great film (97% at Rotten Tomatoes), so where does The Social Network fail?

Mac vs. PC in The Social Network Movie

One thing that stands out is that the movie is littered with PCs. The Social Network shows Mark Zuckerberg using a PC at Harvard, where he created the original Facebook.

Unfortunately, in real life, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg used a Mac at Harvard. The Facebook CEO continues to use Apple computers this day.

The movie also shows a PC laptop that turns on from closed / sleep instantaneously. What’s this, back to the future? But seriously, a personal computer that turns on from sleep instantaneously? That’s called a Mac. A Windows PC is unable to wake up from sleep instantly, like the movie shows.

The Social Network does feature Apple products for a few seconds though. Let’s say Apple Store Genius Bar probably won’t cover what they did to the Mac:

Mark Zuckerberg Mac, Sony Social Network Facebook Movie

Fiction: The Social Network Movie

Although the film written by Aaron Sorkin contains facts, real names and refers to actual events, the script is fictional. The movie has taken “liberties” on the portrayal of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Joe Morgenstern in The Wall Street Journal describes “Everything that’s seen isn’t necessarily to be believed.”

Forbes reports that Mark “has been dating the same girl since before he built Facebook.” “It was very clear it was fiction from the beginning,” said the Facebook CEO about ‘The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding Of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal’ – the book which The Social Network is based on. “We didn’t participate because we didn’t want someone to write this fiction and then say ‘and we talked to Mark Zuckerberg.’” (Updated: book title.)

Sony Social Network Product Placement

So, why would a movie deliberately lie about Mark Zuckerberg’s use of a Mac and try to vilify the Facebook founder? As it turns out, the movie is produced by Columbia / Sony Pictures. Here are some examples of Sony’s product placement in The Social Network:

Sony Social Network Product Placement

Do you think The Social Network director David Fincher sold out? Or maybe he’s trying to say that jerks use PCs?

UPDATE, 2011 November: RedLetterMedia points out more of Sony’s lame product placement scheme in Adam Sandler ‘Jack and Jill’ movie review. Summary at part 2, 10:12.


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8 Responses to “FAIL: Facebook Movie, “Social Network,” Is A Lie!”

  1. oscar

    man, you should put more atention before you write, the PC laptop turns on from closed for one reason: It has Linux installed, you can see the KDE desktop on it…

    • Interesting. So, when did KDE acquire that ability? How come bulk of the “linux instant on” discussions are from 2009?

      Btw, Apple computer has instant-on for over a decade now.

  2. Sorkin’s speech was so pathetic I almost puked a little. One of the most self-indulgent PR moves ever. Pure affectation, zero sincerity. If Sorkin can’t take the criticism about the misogyny in his films, he shouldn’t have written it that way. I think it’s so stupid how he talks about his fictional film as if it’s a documentary, but when addressed about the girls and misogyny he reminds us it’s pure fiction. Which is it, Sorkin? The saddest part of the speech was when he quoted a line from the film in which Erica Albright says to Zuckerburg that girls won’t hate him because he’s a nerd but because he’s an asshole and then Sorkin goes on to tell the real-life Zuckerberg how not true that was. WTF? I have no words for this… someone else please finish for me…

  3. Napster founder Sean Parker also says the Social Network character of him (played by Justin Timberlake) is fiction:

  4. DaveW

    Wow, seriously, you thought KDE was Windows? And just because there’s a single picture showing Mark with a Mac doesn’t mean he’s always used one and still uses them all the time. Oh, and my Windows computer is instant-on from sleep, ‘just like a Mac’ – sorry to spoil that for you.

    Also you say “The Facebook Effect – the book which The Social Network is based on”. The movie clearly says in the credits it’s based on The Accidental Billionaires, not the Facebook Effect. That’s a completely different book.

    Bloody macfags.

    • When did KDE gain the ability to do that? Doesn’t change the fact that movie is fiction.

      So you think a Mac user would use a beige PC? ROTF. Btw, even the KDE wiki page shows a presenter using a Mac. Do you know hacker Kevin Mitnick uses a Mac? Examples go on and on.

      You are right on the book. The person who edited the article inserted that book by mistake. Thanks

      As to the weak insult. Thanks for the laugh.

    • WevaD

      Wow DaveW (if that’s even your real name). Mark Zuckerberg himself has confirmed he has always only ever used a Mac in many publications. Your immature signature is a sad reflection of the ignorant Windows users who never expose themselves to other operating systems or environments. I doubt very much your Windows computer is instant-on, this has been a point that Intel have struggled to bring to Windows based computers for some time. Ref: Intel InstantOn initiative. You didn’t spoil anything so don’t feel bad, Mac users are not that thin-skinned or overly sensitive.

      Poor misguided DaveW.

  5. oscar

    [Removed due to violating discussion rules]


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